Confidence, comfort in style this spring

Natalie Smith

March 21 marked the first official day of spring, and with bright days beginning to outshine the winter weather, it’s time to start putting some consideration into wardrobe options for the upcoming season.

If you’ve got money to spend (think leftover Christmas cash or stockpiled baby-sitting money), then here are a few ways to start the season off on the right foot.

Above all else, get a pedicure. Peep-toe flats in bold, spicy hues are huge this season, and no one wants to see feet that aren’t ready to be put on display. When picking a color for your toes, pass over the black. It was all the rage last summer, fall and winter, but now it’s time for something a little more expressive. If you’re attached to the dark trend, then opt for the deepest hue of red the nail salon has to offer. Ready to lighten up? Go for anything that channels spring.

For your torso, look for loose, sheer basics like cotton tees that fit in all the right places and manage to maintain comfort. They go with anything that can be thrown on the lower half of the body, and they still manage to flatter all body types. If you want to add a little personality to this look, then find a stylish jacket or blazer to throw over it or accessorize with chunky jewelry. Tight shirts that ride up on the stomach should definitely be left in the back of the closet because this spring’s style is all about feeling fresh and free, which makes clingy shirts a definite no. I highly recommend James Perse as a starting point for anyone looking to collect spring basics.

For your legs, if you’re going to go with jeans, think skinny or straight-leg. Every brand has them, ranging from gray (a must have) to light and dark denim. They even have distressed versions for a ripped-up look. All these jeans pair great with flats during the day and help you transition to vixen at night with the addition of stilettos or wedges. But if you want something less restricting, look for stretch pants or sheer tights that look adorable under tunics and tees. And if you want to go even lighter, then a flirty dress is always in style.

For everyone not looking to spend a lot of money, the best thing to do is dig up items from your closet that you loved last summer. Wearing something that makes you feel irresistible utilizes the best possible accessory every girl has: confidence. Remember to wear that when you walk out the door, and you’ll always look great.