‘Nova gossip

Tina Lamsback

WARNING: School is back in full swing, and the weather is just starting to heat up. Well, that’s not the only thing heating up these days! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Formal season is coming up! Grab-a-dates, cocktails, fancy formals and bottle-and-a-babe are where it is at. So grab the hand of one … hell, who are we kidding, two or even three dates, and head to the most fabulous hotspot in town. But for now, regular chaos will tell quite the tale! As always, it’s been a pleasure to keep you informed! So rock out this weekend, but stay fabulous! And as always keep it on the TL! XOXO, ‘Nova’s fav gossip gal!

“Forget it? I couldn’t!”A sophomore male had more than he wants to remember; all the creatures were stirring in the Binn house, prob even the Binn mouse … yea, it’s a cute place. Apparently, as my source recounts, the party was overflowing with partygoers. Drinkers and non-drinkers alike packed into the luxurious estate in Bryn Mawr. As my source worked his way from the kitchen to the pong room and then to where the beverages were being served, something caught his eye. He stopped in his tracks abruptly and was unable to avert his eyes from the God-awful scene that was taking place in the pong room. A couple was getting “intense” if you will. “Okay, so fine, whatever,” said my suave source as he recounted the story to me. He started walking and then realized where the two were perched. They had made their mark on the grimy sofa. No one even places a finger on that thing let alone lays their bodies out on the line! He had no other choice but to embarrass the male and female and send them out on their way. I suppose it was for their own good. You never know what lies beneath!

“Dear Diary, tonight I popped a squat!”The usual party scene gets started during the wee hours of the morning on Saturday to the earlier hours on Sunday. But this particular weekend nightlife started to get outta control earlier in the week. For all of you who don’t know, Thursday is clearly the new party starter, and I’m not talking about the party starters at the last Bar Mitzvah you went to in the seventh grade. Yea, I know, a little corny. Thursday was a night filled with a long, long, long bus ride. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, well, then you clearly missed out on a whole lot of urinating problems. The new night started when eight upperclassman girls made their way to the buses lined up in Pike Lot. Everyone piled in and the one-hour, 45-minute bus ride ensued. Time passed, and people clearly got heated. Now, I am talking intense! Nausea was so rampant that people were throwing up out of half-open windows! Anyway, it was now an hour into the ride and people started having pains, reported one of the elite eight. I mean, we’re talking so intense that they stopped at a Wawa and all unloaded the bus and then urinated in alleyways, the Wawa bathroom and, of course, the familiar backyard bush. Finally, the buses arrived and pairing off obvi happened! One girl reportedly was hooking up with twins and by the end of the night couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Oh! What a classy life we live, Villanova!

“Short Shorts”•Reportedly, one of the Christian Ethics classes was trying to see if society perceived the students as “dirty” if they did not take a shower for a whole week. Hmmm … did you smell anyone sitting next to you this week? Stinks for you!•Public Safety goes crazy searching for illegal substances in an apartment. Um, they were looking in the ceiling tiles?!?•A crazy Hawaiian shirt has been making its way from Villanova to Italy, Spain and even onto a koala in Australia! So Sisterhood!