Fashion sense for April showers

Theresa Kozul

When we lift our calendars hanging on the walls to read April, someone is bound to say, “April showers brings May flowers” is bound to roll off someone’s lips. But besides the flowers of spring, April showers also bring rain boots and raincoats out of the back of our closets.

While the weather outside during the drizzling, dreary month of April might not be appealing, it doesn’t mean your outerwear can’t be. A raincoat matched with a fun pair of rain boots is essential for trudging from Bartley to Tolentine on a rainy school day.

Step gracefully into the puddles forming around campus in a brightly patterned pair of rain boots. Rain boots are nothing like UGGs, with their safe, basic colors of browns, black and neutrals. Rain boots allow you to be more daring with your color and pattern choices. Nordstrom offers a variety of Chooka, calf-length rain boots. For $60 you can pick from conservative boots, which come in a variety of polka dots and many different colors, or from simple navy boots with small light blue whales. Or dare to be different and adorn yourself with cupcakes and happy hour-themed boots. Wear something delicious on a gray day, with light pink boots and a cupcake pattern that will make your feet cute enough to eat. Happy hour-themed boots will allow any rainy day to be the best hour of the week. These lime green boots have various mixed drinks with umbrellas all over them.

If you prefer to get the same great rain gear for less, check out the selection at They have simple polka dots, pink camouflage and even cupcake rain boots, as well as many others for $20.

If you’d prefer to make a more classic statement when stepping outside your umbrella, there are also the well-known plaids of Burberry rain boots for $145. Try Dooney and Bourke’s rain boots on for size in either black or pink stamped with the signature DB logo. Also, J.Crew’s “wellies” are perfect for puddle protection. For $60 you can go for a simple solid boot or try small dots or critters if you are feeling slightly bold in your boot choice for $5 more.

Once you’ve tugged on those boots, be sure to match them with a simple rain coat. While you can find rain coats in bold colors of pinks and greens, go with a more classic neutral or beige color and let your feet do the talking for your rainy day fashion statement.

Banana Republic offers the Classic Trench coat for $198 this spring. This clean and simple coat is a neutral color, double breasted knee-length trench coat, with a belt around the waist. Belts are in this spring for trench coats. A simple, neutral coat, tied around the waist makes a classy statement when strutting through the storms.

If you’d prefer your trench coat to be the latest trend and still perfect for the rainy weather, try on Juicy’s camel, three-quarters-sleeved, belted rain coat for $350. This coat will have you looking smart in the rain, with its gold brass buttons down the front of the coat.

Looking good in the rain doesn’t require dropping a lot of money on your rain coat. Check out Gap and Old Navy for some fabulous coats with even more fabulous looking price tags. Gap has a drop-waist rain coat in brown or white, also belted for $50. Old Navy offers a khaki waist-length trench coat for $19.99.

No matter what brand you chose, make sure you’re ready for rain this April. Just because the clouds are gray doesn’t mean you have to be, too. Add some color and life to the rainy weather on campus, and step out in some fun rain boots and your classic rain coat.