Play raises money for AIDS

Amy Knop-Narbutis

This past weekend in St. Mary’s Auditorium, two performances of the student play “Satan and Simon DeSoto” raised over $1040 to be donated to the InternationalHIV/AIDS Alliance. The play, a second-generation AIDS play by Ted Sod, was directed by students Amy Knop-Narbutis and Courtney Sexton. It was sponsored by Health & Wellness and the Center for Peace & Justice. According to the Gay-Straight Coalition Web site, the play is the story of a gay man with HIV who sells his soul to the devil. One of the author’s intents in writing the play was to “include the religious right’s intolerance of homosexuality … [and] refute the misconception that AIDS was God’s wrath upon homosexuals.The student directors hoped that the play would raise a dialogue about homophobia at Villanova.