Local band to perform at Sheehan Beach Field Festival

Jessica May

Malvern will perform at Saturday’s Sheean Beach Field Festival as part of NovaFest. The band emerged from Malvern, Pa., in the spring of 2005 and hit the Main Line with its rock-inspired theme. It plans to perform both original compositions and famous covers to appeal to a wide range of fans.

The band, originally known as “Wicked Sticks,” consists of two sets of brothers: Rob and Butch Rigsby and Seth and Mak Hoffman.

“We all grew up in the same town and school,” Butch said. “We changed our name from ‘Wicked Sticks’ to ‘Malvern’ in order to put Malvern on the map.”

The band likes to play a wide range of music. The members also manage to add their own interpretations and input to every work they focus on.

“We play some stuff we hate, but we still cover it,” Rob said. “Someone might say, ‘Why would you play ‘Mmmbop’ if you are a rock band?’ Then I reply, ‘Did you hear that rock-guitar solo in the middle of the song?'”

They were quick to point out that, although they enjoy covering favorite songs as much as the next band, they are constantly trying to create original pieces.

“With every original we gain, we would like to lose a cover,” Rob said.

After the band went through a slew of singers, Butch, who writes all of the music, decided to perform lead vocals as well as on keyboards. His brother Rob specializes in guitar as well as back-up vocals.

Seth and Mak Hoffman contribute with lead drums and lead bass, respectively. They both assist with vocals.

Seth is currently attending school in California, but he plans to transfer to Villanova in the fall.

“We mainly play on breaks, due to the fact that our drummer lives so far away,” Rob said. “We are excited for him to get here so the band can play more gigs. This summer is going to be very full.”

Mak is responsible for recording all of the band’s music himself.

“I don’t know what we would do without Mak,” Rob and Butch said. “He’s absolutely phenomenal.”

The band is confident NovaFest attendees will enjoy the show that it will offer. According to Rob, a live performance by Malvern is twice as good as its recorded material.

“Every show adds an entertaining aspect,” Rob said. “We want to be remembered.”

Managed by two graduates from Penn’s Wharton Business School, the band has full confidence in its future in the music industry.

“I don’t know if many bands have two business managers from the top business school in the nation,” Rob said.

The band plans to expand its gig locations to nearby states such as New York. While its fan base is rather limited to nearby towns, Malvern hopes to gain recognition by playing events such as NovaFest.

“Our family is full of Villanova alumni,” Rob said. “It’s going to be fun to play in front of the student body and let them see what we have to offer.”