‘Nova gossip

Tina Lamsback

WARNING: Did you have a good time? Well, I def did. What a way to wrap up the year! NovaFest – so many definitions to describe the commemorative event. Please read the following with care, caution and, of course, feel free to relate your glamorous experience with the stories listed below.NovaFest (noun): 1. University definition: An event on Villanova University’s campus that occurs the third week of April, giving students a chance to bond with their respective class members and attend various events sponsored by Campus Activities Team. 2. Student definition: An event on Villanova University’s campus that occurs the third week of April that is a time to forget that you are a student and remember that you are in college.NovaFest (verb): To NovaFest, to drink to the heart’s content, run shoeless on the fields of West Campus and/or live like never before.That being said, read thoroughly. Catch up with what you thought happened, what you don’t remember happened, and ENJOY! XOXO, ‘Nova’s fav gossip gal

“Flirtations? False.”Avid partygoers and party hoppers started with the kickoff to their festivities. Friday night. It was the general consensus that Friday was more low key than Saturday night’s festivities. Why, you might ask? Obvi because of the classiness that trekked from campus all up and down the Main Line. From Villanova all the way to Wayne and Ardmore and back again. West Campus was particularly exhibiting party-scene qualities. Obvi! Anyone who was anyone was there on Saturday. The weather was great, and West Campus was like fashion central. Colorful polos, shorts, tank tops and dresses adorned the West corner as the Nation class fully drank, chatted and partied. (Okay, I’m making it sound a lot more civil than it actually was.) Anyway, clearly it was not that tame if the Radnor Police had to break it up at about 7 p.m.! Anyway, I digress. Now, on to the point of the story. So, after the fiesta got busted, it was time to recoup and rejuvenate the body, clearly by heading out to another party! Please. Would you expect anything less? Um, no. Basically, here is the low down: a group of sophomores headed to a party that night after the concert. Spirits were high and people were ready to forge onward with their party skills. Once the group got to the house and mingled a little more, one girl started accusing another of flirting with her boyfriend. Tensions rose and out of nowhere, a punch was thrown. A swing and a miss by the enraged gf! Oh wait – it wasn’t over; the accused swung at the enraged gf, and, yes, it was contact! The enraged gf, slightly jealous for no reason at all, now has a broken nose! Hopefully they hugged and made up. We don’t want any bad blood on the greatest weekend of the year, now do we?

“Friend or Fawn?”Usually when someone or something is NI’ed (not invited) to a party, it is unlikely to see them running straight into it and joining in the fun as if they were invited. So, while the events of this weekend were wrapping up on Sunday afternoon, a few deer thought it would be “smart” to run through the center quad of the West Campus apartments. Residents soon received word of the issue as Public Safety ran after the deer, trying to contain them. However, it obvi didn’t work out. With all their efforts greatly appreciated, it was just too hard to contain the deer and thus made the situation more awk when two of the deer ran inside of Moulden Hall. A shocked inhabitant was reported as saying that he thought it was like the running of the bulls in Spain. Students were outside observing the whole debacle just when little Rudolph and his pal came out with the possibility of charging the crowds but did not, due to the redirection and efforts of P. Safe. Good work, boys! Another criminal is under control. A great way to top off the events of a memorable NovaFest.

“Short Shorts”• The West Campus activities not only included oodles of fun but also the events of lost shoes, shirts and any other foreign clothing? Possibly. Please claim them on the field. We don’t want any belongings to be eaten by the leftover deer on West. So get to it!• On more of a housekeeping note, if you are going to wear leggings, please make sure they are not see through. It would be wonderful if the greater population does not have to stare at your bareness. Just a thought. Hope you enjoyed! Take time to rest and catch up on this week’s work before finals. But, don’t work too hard; you just might make the year in review! Have your people call my people! Oh, and keep it on the T.L.