Once upon a Sept. 13…

Birthdays •1916- Roald Dahl, AUTHOR•1918- Ray Charles, MUSICIAN•1967- Michael Johnson, OLYMPIAN•1974- Travis Knight, NBA ATHLETE•1977- Fiona Apple, MUSICIAN•1980- Ben Savage, ACTOR

Deaths•1982- Princess Grace of Monaco•1996- Tupac Shakur, RAP ARTIST

Memorable Events •604- Sabinian begins his reign as Pope, replacing Pope Gregory the Great.•1788- New York City becomes the first capital of the United States. •1789- First loan to U.S. Government•1898- 20,000 Paris construction workers go on strike. •1906- First airplane flight in Europe.•1963- Barbra Striesand and Elliot Gould marry.•1965- The Beatles release “Yesterday” and win their first Grammy on the same day.•1977- General Motors introduces first U.S. diesel automobile.