Gimme gimme more… gossip

Tina Lamsback

WARNING: Welcome back to the gossip scene my loving Wildcats! No one loves you more than I do. Since I gabbed last, people have only been raising the stakes for the gossip mill. Life without my troublemakers would put me out of a job! Now listen up … this week is uber scandalous. It has to do with, hmmm, maybe a little bit of skin … well maybe a lot of skin … so just read. Oh, and don’t let your jaw drop too much … that’s just unattractive. In the words of my new fav show “Gossip Girl,” “If you want to be a part of this world, people will talk.” So, just keep that in mind, and keep it on the TL. XOXO, ‘Nova’s fav gossip gal

“Dirty Hearts”Villanova’s elite and VIPs gathered on Saturday to celebrate the last night of the official weekend. All four grade levels gathered in one of the back four apartments. As males and females started to have a good time, the party thrower thought it would be a fab idea to play the game Dirty Hearts. The game, ranked one of the top 100 drinking games on a popular Web site, can be quickly explained: a different version of truth or dare, more on the truth side, if you will. The game is played so that if a person does not want to answer a question, then he or she drinks. As the night went on one of the female participants wanted to know about “size.” In a response to the question, the male gave a visual.

“Take this as a compliment”Apparently, Delurey is the most active place to live this freshie year. Usually, Stanford keeps up its end of the bargain, but Delurey … God love ya for your gossip! So on to the point: this past week a male freshie went to a ticket party. He was having a fab time getting his groove on and hanging out with friends. Then, all of a sudden, he started dancing with one of the girls at the party. Attraction ensued, and they started hooking up. When the night concluded our male friend couldn’t find his cell phone. His hookup buddy stole it! He is now facebook messaging a random girl he thought was his HU bud. Prince Charming and Cinderella? Perhaps! So if you are this girl … return the cellular device to Delurey Hall! I guess she liked him so much that she kept something he owned in exchange for a follow up session!

“Bottles and Boobs”Another quick Delurey story, for all you avid readers. A female resident headed out to a party this past week. She made her way to get a drink for herself and a friend. She was making her way through the crowd and didn’t want to spill, so she lifted her arms above the people. Once she did, her tube top slipped down, and she was exposed. Quickly, she moved it back up and went on. Smooth recovery, my Delurey Diva!

“Where did she come from?”Monday is usually the most boring night of all. Hmm … actually not for one couple. My sources report that they were headed for a late night Wawa run. When they came back they pulled into a parking spot on West Campus under the soccer field bleachers next to one other car. Then my two sources started playing with the driver’s new PA system that was recently installed in the car. They started yelling and screaming into it to test it out. Next, something caught the driver’s eye. There was a guy giving the thumbs up to the sources! My sources were kind of confused until a boy and a girl walked out of the car. I guess it was kind of a sticky situation. Hmmm, let’s just say at least one of them was excited!

“Short Shorts”•Greys Anatomy is starting today, look out for the students in scrubs supporting their fav show.•A junior first-floor apartment building has chosen one fab female and one muscular male for the man and woman hunt of 2007. If you know any guy or gal who’s fun and flirty and single … contact me because these two are game! •Some freshmen thought it was a great idea to keep all of the bones from their old buffalo wings in a trashcan in the nearest bathroom of their hall. They called this concoction “The Elephant Graveyard.” To clean them they put bleach in the trashcan. They then put a broom in the can and wrote a nice note at the top that said, “Please Stir!” Umm … awk!