Meet the ‘Chuck’ stars: Dane Cook

Natalie Smith

By Natalie Smith

Staff Reporter

What is one of your favorite moments as a performer? ?

In film, it was stepping onto the first day in Vancouver of “Good ?Luck Chuck,” and literally at the end of the first shot, I turned to my ?manager – who’s been my manager since day one – and I said, “We’re doing ?something really special here.”  After the first shot.  He goes, “How ?do you know?” And I said, “It’s like one of my jokes. It’s like if I start that first line, I feel a synergy, and I know.”??

Here’s the million dollar question: How was Jessica Alba as your leading lady? ?

Jessica really impressed me … She’s a beautiful woman and has aspects of both ?professions … to radiate and yet still be able to make yourself look like an ass and do so with great comedic timing … And of course, she’s – you know, she’s not ugly.

What career moves are you planning for the future? What’s next? ?

My next goal is to finish the film I’m doing now with Kate Hudson that wraps in October, and then I’m getting back out with my fans and I’m doing a massive comedy tour that’s going to be announced on my Web?site any minute. That’s going to be a 20-city tour … I really just want ?to get back to my roots of stand-up for a minute, and then I’ll decide what I want to do in the spring, as far as – I’ve got two things in development. ??


Like what?

I have a script that I wrote some years ago. It’s kind a big budget film, in the realm of “Reservoir Dogs.” We’re meeting with some big producers, knocking on wood right now, that are talking about maybe getting it going. ??

Why no drugs or

alcohol?  ?

I wish I could sit here and tell you exactly why I had an epiphany when I was in eighth grade that said to me, “You know, it’s just not for you.” I think that as I’ve gotten older, I started to realize that I’m very, like, self-competitive… I would have to be the drunkest person. I would?have to, like, I would have to challenge myself to like a new heroin … ?So I opted to go sans drugs and alcohol… I’m going to wait ’til I’m 70, and then start doing everything. ?


Outside of your profession, what’s something you’re really great at?

What I’m really good at is getting dumped. I have the power to be dumped by any woman. If you date me, you will dump me. ??

What do you look for in a woman?

?Wow. You know, the old punch line is: me … I love a girl who is?independent. I like somebody that kind of goes out and does their?thing; it just makes life a little bit more interesting when you both?have stories. ?Let me just go through all the things I don’t like. I don’t like a needy girl. Let’s see. I don’t like cleft lips. I don’t care for that. ?Yeah, I don’t like the pirate look, I don’t like one-legged. ?And humor … if you don’t get my humor, you’re in for a long, boring?ride.

Personally, what do you think is just hilarious? ?

A baby making a really serious face. ??

You’ve worked with several amazing co-stars in your career: Jessica Simpson, Andy Dick, etc. Who is your dream co-star, male or female?

Oh gosh. I guess it would have to be Harrison Ford. You know, I loved “Star Wars” growing up and I wanted to be Han Solo.