There’s no ‘Heartbreak’ for these comedic geniuses

Daria Gredysa

By Daria Gredysa

Staff Reporter

“The Heartbreak Kid” is a comedy featuring Ben Stiller that is due to hit theaters on Oct. 5th. A remake of the original 1970s movie, this flip-flopped storyline has Stiller playing a single guy, Eddie, who gets engaged to a beautiful woman, under-the-radar Malin Akerman, as a result of his fear of never finding his true soulmate.

The laughs start when Stiller discovers the love of his life while on his honeymoon in San Lucas, Mexico and has to keep the gorgeous, yet dreadful, wife from ruining his last chance at happiness.

I recently had the opportunity of listening in on a conference call with the directors of the film, Bobby and Peter Farrelly, as well as Carlos Mencia, who plays a worker at the honeymooner’s hotel named Uncle Tito. Each had some great insights on what making a movie with a guy like Ben Stiller entails and what we should expect from the final product.

In case you don’t recognize the Farrelly brothers’ name, they also directed the blockbusters “Dumb and Dumber” and “There’s Something About Mary.”

They said that working with Stiller has, however, changed since then; it went from working with an ordinary actor to “a worldwide conglomerate” who participated in the film as a “third director.”

On the content of the movie, the brothers agreed that one of the goals of the experience was to add in the sex that they believe has been “taken out of the cinema in the last 20 years.”

The R-rating, they said, allowed them to fully develop a storyline and add jokes that dealt with adults and the sexual connotations associated with honeymoons.

Scenes in particular that, even on set, were “a bite-the-inside-of-your-mouth kind of funny” were obviously any that touched on the topic of Stiller and fornication; “we just kind of let them loose … we didn’t write the scene.” Be prepared for matrimonial-inspired nudity that not only keeps the movie “grounded in reality” but makes you laugh out loud till it hurts.

The star comedian of “Mind of Mencia” also gave some feedback on the project and what his hopes are for his future in the industry.

A dramatic difference from his 6-minute skits on the show, Mencia took on the role of Uncle Tito, which forced him to step out of a show about him and to learn how to “react to people for fun,” as well as draw from his own life experiences and family.

On acting with Stiller, Mencia described him “as such a giving actor” who is “amazing” and “unbelievably astute.”

Mencia said he could only pray to follow in Stiller’s footsteps from stand-up comedian to million-dollar icon, and while he understands that the business is full of ups and downs, it is one “rollercoaster” he hopes this movie will start for him.

Promising a movie that has been perfected to ensure the highest potential for laughs, a mix of scripted scenes and off-the-cuff humor, Mencia is just as excited as you should be for the premiere of this no-holds-barred comedy: “The Heartbreak Kid.”