Out of Bounds Online: Week 7 NFL Picks

Kyle Scudilla

To most “Rocky” fans, “Rocky V” never happened. To all “Caddyshack” fans, “Caddyshack II” never happened. To me, my Week 6 picks never happened, capisce?

Besides vehemently rooting against the Red Sox on Sunday, here’s the other games I’ll have an eye on:

GIANTS (-9) over 49ers: With or without Brandon Jacobs, the Giants have been looking real good lately, and with a game vs. Miami in London in Week 8, the G-Men should be 6-2 at the break. You’ve got to really appreciate the way this team plays for its beloved head coach, Tom Coughlin.

Patriots (-16.5) over DOLPHINS: The Fins waived the white flag this week by dealing the best offensive player on their roster to the Chargers. The only way I see myself regretting this pick is if Tom Brady gets severely injured in the first quarter.

SEAHAWKS (-8) over Rams: If the Seahawks can’t pull this one off, they’re dead to me. Then again, if the 0-6 Rams (whose season closely resembles the “Tecmo Bowl” cut scene of the player being helped off the field on a seven week loop) can win a game, it could be against the supposed “best team” in what has been the flakiest, most frustrating division in the NFL over the last several seasons.

Bears (+5) over EAGLES: Are either of these teams really any good? To me, this has “ugly game that stays close most of the way” written all over it.

Steelers (-3.5) over BRONCOS: I’ve done quite well in my picks pool this season by going against Denver from the get-go. Mile High is a tough place to play, but if you’re playing the 2007 Broncos there, the confines feel a bit friendlier.

Colts (-3) over JAGUARS: The Jags are the chic pick here because of the way they’ve played Indy recently, but I’ll trust Peyton under the lights of prime time.


Falcons (+9) over SAINTS: This one reminds me of the old “The Price is Right” game called “That’s Too Much.” The Saints win one game, and all of a sudden they’re giving nine points? I know Atlanta stinks, but that’s too much!

Last week: 1-6-0Season: 20-19-3