Just when you thought Gossip was gone … She writes.

Tina Lamsback

WARNING: Just when you thought life was getting boring, and the only thing that was catching your attention was the weather and, well, maybe that boy sitting diagonal from you in math class … HALLOWEEN HAPPENED! Live. Love. Be Fab. Oh, and don’t forget to read! Keep the gossip coming, and I’ll keep writing. MWAHAHA! Don’t forget to keep it on the TL! XOXO, ‘Nova’s fav gossip gal!Searching for the perfect slumber spotA source told me a juicy slumber story. Captain Irish … referencing poss his costume? Anyway, our Captain headed to his fab fraternity’s Halloween party. Our Captain entered the party, observed all the scandalous costumes, I assume, I mean who wouldn’t? Of course, he hung out with friends and socially drank until it was time to go home for the night. As he entered his apartment, our Captain ran amok around his personal residence. As the night rolled on he found his roommate in a deep sleep after a fab night of Halloweening all over town. In response to his roommate’s decision to enter a deep sleep, he started pawing at him – I suppose in a dog-like motion? I wish I could show you the motion that was demonstrated to me. After his roommate made it perfectly clear that the night was over and that the Captain should go back to bed, Captain Irish nestled into his own sleeping arrangement as well. Just when we thought our Halloween craziness was over, the Captain woke up the next morning in a bathtub! Kinda an awk place to sleep don’t you think, Captain? It’s Britney Clearly, when all else fails, have a Halloween party for the release of Britney Spears’ new CD, “Blackout.” Tuesday night was the night of nights for the Brit lovers. Like myself, I am sure our fellow partiers are convinced she will make a comeback ASAP. Anyway, in order to gain access to “Brit’s Bungalow,” you had to dress like the wild child! ‘Nova students dressed as in the Britney early years in her “…Baby One More Time” video, even her leather boots and short shorts attended. Clearly this celebration was filled with throwbacks to the Britney era. The night included Britney’s favorites: not only her clothes, but also cocktails and her music. I have just one question, do you think there was any K-Fed drama? Oh please! I hope so for my sake! Party on, Brit fans. Just wait and see, it is only time until the drama queen makes stamp on her unforgettable name!

Short ShortsCheers to the best costumes of 2007!•I salute you, Mr. Franzia box, for having the most creative costume by far! If it were possible I would send the link to the Facebook picture that illustrates my top pic of the Halloween season! However, all I have to say is the costume clearly depicted a picture of the front of the Franzia box. I believe it was blush, perhaps?•I salute you, Dr. Orgasm, for having the audacity to wear possibly the most awkward costume this holiday.•I salute you, Ms. Bumble Bee and Thin Mint Box … so cute!