10 totally random questions for…

Jeff Yerger

What do you look forward to most this year?I’m really looking forward to Hoops Mania – it’s going to be amazing this year!

If you could go out to dinner with any three people, who would they be and why?First would be Oprah Winfrey. She is my idol. She is living proof that if you are self-motivated and follow your dreams, they can come true. Next is David Beckham, so I could win him over. And finally, Chris Brown so he could teach me his sick dance moves.

Where is your favorite place to go on campus?The Oreo. I could sit out there all day, watch the people go by and hang out with friends as well.

Wingers or Campus Corner?Campus Corner; the pizza there is my weakness.

What is the most played song on your iPod right now?”We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical, “No One” by Alicia Keyes or “Money in the Bank” by Swizz Beats.

You do a lot around campus. What is your favorite organization or event you’re a part of?I can’t pick just one … I love everything. If I had to choose, it would be Villanova dance team. The team is like my family; we are with each other for three-plus hours a day, and we always have a great time doing what we love.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why there? New York City; I’ve grown up really close to the city all of my life. NYC just has that allure, which is something that no other city I have been to has, not to mention the Yankees and the Giants.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?I’d definitely want to be able to read minds. I would love to know what people are actually thinking, especially guys!

What was it like being an orientation counselor? Was there a favorite moment for you during orientation?It was the most amazing experience that I have ever been a part of. I have never met so many amazing, high-energy people who are willing to invest their time, energy, and passion into a program. The opportunity to become so close to a group of new students while ensuring their start at Villanova is incredible. My favorite moment was during the final day of orientation, the candle ceremony. Being there with my group reiterated all of the reasons for my desire to be an orientation counselor, as well as my love for Villanova. My group was really into the orientation program ,and I was overwhelmed as I thought back upon the experience.

So which orientation group was the best?2-0 … you know!!!