The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,I am a soon-to-be second-semester senior, and I am going on many job interviews. There is this one job that wants me to travel, but I’m not so sure that I want to take a traveling job. I recently have been talking to some of my friends who seem to think that they are “all that” when it comes to interviewing and choosing a job, which makes me feel not qualified for the job. How do I make a decision that fits me?Sincerely,Wishing someone would show her the money

Shades of gray. Everything in life has some sort of shade of gray. Why do you think that the hit show is called “Grey’s Anatomy?” Of course Grey, happens to be Meredith’s last name, and the show is about her and her friends’ relationships and job choices; however, if you analyze the meaning of the title, just like your 1050 Literary Experience teacher taught you to do, you will get the idea that Meredith and sometimes the whole cast is in some type of gray area. Like you said, upon graduating Villanova, you come across a job that wants you to travel. You do not have your heart set on traveling all over the world, but you want a job. Weigh the pros and cons and in the end, tip the scale in your favor. Stop for a minute. Think about it. Was anything ever so black and white, right or wrong? I mean, of course there is a right and wrong, but there always seems to be an exception at some point or another. How can we make it so we aren’t confused with the subject we are thinking about? People tend to be scared. They are scared of what people will think of them. Currently, I am taking a class called Theories of Persuasion, and we are learning about the difference between how males and females communicate. According to this class, males communicate based upon the idea that they have a more forceful role in communication. They interrupt during group discussions to get their point across to say that this is the way it is. Therefore, when making decisions, they are more decisive. In great contrast, women are more concerned about what people think of them, so they take a softer side. Women are more into making a connection via touch and understanding a person. Therefore, a woman would weigh out the consequences if she wants to work in a specific area or not; the decision isn’t simply yes or no right away. It seems as though, based upon these claims, the men base their aspects of communication more on a view of black and white, yes or no. It is a man’s world out there, so women, step up, make a decision and learn to compete! Make it so there is no gray area, make that decision, stop conferring with each other – it clearly isn’t getting you anywhere.So, in conclusion, if you want the job, go for it. If you don’t, then keep looking. If you decide to go to the interview let them know who is boss and communicate to the big guy that you want this more than anything in the world and you will do anything to achieve it. Good luck! Oh, and don’t forget to wear something fabulous!