10 Totally random questions for…

Ashley Jefferson

Walter Smith Randolph is a junior communication major and Africana Studies minor. Some of his many activities on campus involve being an Eucharistic minister for the 10 p.m. Mass, Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, member of the ’07 Orientation Steering Committee, liberal arts senator for the University Senate, member of the Black Cultural Society, member of Blue Key, member of Multicultural Recruitment Team, co-anchor of “NovaNews” on VTV and host of “Late Night with Walter Smith Randolph,” which will soon air on VTV.

1. Who is your favorite celebrity couple and why?”Will and Jada [Smith], because they’re hot and they make good-looking babies!”

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?”When you walk across campus and people know you and they look at you but they don’t say ‘hi.’ They know that I know that I see them looking at me, and they still refuse to say ‘hi.’ (Shakes head) That’s annoying!”

3. If you could sing a karaoke duet with anyone, who would it be?”I would probably sing ‘Dancing In September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire with my mom, because it was her favorite song.”

4. What celebrity do you wish was one of your long lost relatives? Why?”Oprah Winfrey! I want to be a broadcast journalist, so she could help me get my career started. Not to mention she’s loaded, and I could have three last names: Walter Winfrey-Smith-Randolph.”

5. What’s your absolute favorite thing about Villanova?”I love the school spirit. Everyone has a lot of pride; everyone loves going here; everyone wants to volunteer; everyone wants to be involved. You’ll never find that at another school.”

6. What are your goals for the future, career-wise, personally, etc.?”I will be the co-host of “Good Morning America” and have nine children!”Really?”Yes! Watch me!”

7. What is your biggest guilty pleasure – something you can’t live without?”Fried shrimp; I actually just bought some. Oh, and orientation cheers! (Proceeds to sing “Baby Shark”)

8. If you could direct a movie about your life, who would you choose to star in it? What would you title it? Why?”Will Smith would be the actor, and the name of the movie would be “The Road Less Traveled.” The title is based off the quote about the two paths that you have to choose from in life. It would be a drama-comedy. Yes, a ‘dramedy’ for sure!”

9. What is your biggest motivation to succeed?”All of the people who told me that I wouldn’t succeed. I guess I take joy in doing things that people tell me I can’t do. My friends always say, ‘Don’t tell Walter he can’t do something, because then he definitely will.’ And it’s so true.”

10. What is a cheesy cliché or quote that you definitely live by?”The Dr. Seuss quote, ‘Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’ I like that one.”