An ‘Awakening’ to remember

Courtney Linde

My long, anticipated wait to attend the Tony Award-winning musical “Spring Awakening” was finally over. I could not help but take a few short breaths and smile at the thought of what I was about to see.

Not only was I going to be seeing a Broadway musical that has been described as nothing less than “superb,” but I was going to be surveying this performance from a seat on the stage itself.

Sure enough, this performance was nothing less than extraordinary, and the show deserves the numerous honors that it has received.

The entire time I felt myself sitting on the edge of my seat. As someone who knows every word to the entire score and was seated on the stage immersed in the cast, I was afraid I would involuntarily join the performance by singing.

The cast brought so much energy and dedication to each character he or she was portraying, causing me to really feel as though I were living in 19th century Germany.

The talk in the bathroom at intermission seemed to really unite the audience, regardless of age. These unifying words usually included, “This show is amazing.”

Unlike many musicals, there is not an orchestra pit located in front of the stage.

Instead, the small band is located upstage, visible to the audience the entire show. This unique setting is just another factor to add to the list of reasons why “Spring Awakening” has become such a phenomenon. Though the show has been quite a success story, there are still many who find it quite controversial.

“Spring Awakening” was a play that had been originally written by German playwright Frank Wedekind. Wedekind’s play was banned from the stage for over 100 years due to its controversial storyline.

Finally, musician Duncan Sheik teamed up with lyricist Steven Sater and director Michael Mayer to produce a musical that has really set a new standard for modern-day Broadway.

The three main characters of Moritz, Wendla and Melchior each embody the quality of teenaged angst.

Along with the three main characters, the supporting roles each face issues of their own. At times one may laugh; at times one may cry.

Either way, because the issues discussed in this show are timeless, “Spring Awakening” has truly made an enormous impact on the youth in today’s society.

Sheik and Sater were truly genius when it came to adding music to “Spring Awakening.” Instead of the stereotypical Broadway show, the characters do not “randomly burst into song.”

Each of the songs in the show is used as internal monologue.

The last bows were taken after three curtain calls and a standing ovation. The lights came up in the house, and there was only one word that came out of my mouth: “Wow.”

I was so engaged in this performance for the entire show, and not once did my mind wander. Each actor developed his or her character so incredibly well – even the three understudies that performed that afternoon.

As someone who has a strong passion for musical theatre, it is safe to say that “Spring Awakening” has just reminded me of why I have those feelings. Though winter may be right around the corner, do not wait until “Spring” to have your “Awakening.”