Smoke in St. Mary’s Hall causes resident evacuation



Lee Betancourt

The second floor of St. Mary’s Hall was ventilated last Friday night after a cooking accident left smoke throughout the floor.

At 2:20 a.m. Saturday morning, the building’s fire alarm went off. Public Safety Director Dave Tedjeske said that the alarm was triggered after a resident accidentally caused a fire in his or her room.

The student was cooking food in the microwave and left the room, according to Tedjeske. The microwave burnt through the plastic lid on the food.

“It caused a lot of smoke but no fire,” Tedjeske said.

Public Safety and Bryn Mawr Fire Company responded. Students who were waiting to return to their rooms were moved to Garey Hall due to the rain that night.

The floor was ventilated, and fire officials reset the alarm system. There was no damage, and students were allowed to return to their rooms.