The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,I have recently started my relationship with my significant other. It has only been about five or six months, and I am unsure of what to give him for the holidays. Do you have any suggestions that won’t send the wrong message? Let me know what you think is too much and not enough at all!Sincerely,Santa’s Elf

Dear Santa’s Elf,As Mariah Carey sings the fabulous lyrics of “All I Want for Christmas is You,” tons of Villanova students will be purchasing gifts all over the area. King of Prussia Mall and Suburban Square are only two of the many places that will be packed this year with Villanova’s very own. Going back to Mariah, she sings, “I don’t care about presents underneath the Christmas tree / I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know / Make my wish come true. / All I want for Christmas is you.” Let’s be honest; there are three different kinds of people in this world. There are the people who really want a gift and tell you about it, those who don’t really care at all and then some who tell you they don’t want a gift but secretly wish that you would buy them the world. So here is the ish. Everyone has their mind set on how much they want to spend. So let’s be honest. Presents don’t really cost $20 anymore, unless you’re making a present for your secret Santa out of posterboard and pipe cleaners. Therefore, just think real hard on what your hunny might want for the big holiday. Research their hobbies and extracurricular activities. Even think way back to small conversations that you and the significant other have had. Those are the most meaningful. Now some hot picks for girls this season will be the necessities of jewelry, flowers and even a gift certificate for a facial. Facial? No worries; you can find one for a reasonable amount without going overboard! As for the girls giving to the guys, clothes are always the best option. However, it all depends on how your guy dresses. If he is more Cape Cod, then the classic polo will do. Now, please do not go to the “design your own” section on the Ralph Lauren Web site and put a date on the shirt because well, let’s just face it, if things go sour, the guy won’t want a time stamp to remember! Now, if your guy is more of the sporty Tom Brady lookalike, then I would say a nice hat or chic cologne would just be fab!In the end, the gifts are going to go to waste, and the cuddling by the fire is all anyone ever really needed in the first place. So, get moving, and make the season one to remember! Oh, and don’t forget those New Year’s resolutions. Clearly they are always thrown out the window when we get back from break! Until next time, party on!