‘Nova gossip

Tina Lamsback

WARNING: I know you were lost without my 24/7 up-to-date info! I write this week in honor of an avid reader who has conveniently contributed to the gossip every so often. Unfortunately, he is making his exit to Milan soon to study abroad … so, my mystery man, this one is for you! I have come back to the gossip mill once again to inform you of the happenings, fab people and overall crazy stuff that happens here at this palatial estate that we call Villanova University. Formal season has really been a blow-out bash these past couple of weeks. Read up on the latest scandals and the DQs (drama queens) who made the event worth attending!”Hitting a home run”So, the grand opening of the formal frenzy was a huge event. Obvi! If you missed it, I hope you were catching up on some “Grey’s” or hitting up happy hour because this was crazy! Two of my male sources attended a fab event, dressed in their finest, newest attire. They were dancing with their dates, mingling, having a regularly fun night. Inevitably, they had to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves. They held out for a while, not wanting to miss any hot action on the dance floor, but finally our Italian Stallion couldn’t hold it anymore; the two decided to venture to the men’s room. As they walked down the stairs, they heard peculiar sounds coming from the bottom of the stairs. At that moment they were a little frightened, not knowing if they should continue on their path to the b-room. The Stallion decided he had to forge through the awk sounds and let himself go. As the two walked by, they identified the sounds as coming from a girl and a guy. Just as they walked briskly past them, not wanting to “disturb,” the girl turned and acknowledged them, saying hello while rounding “the bases” if you will. The Phillies called: they need their equipment back!”Buy me a draank”This past Saturday night, a sorority function took place at a very chic country club, which according to one party-goer, was so far away that he was able to drink two vodka tonics on the bus ride there. Anyway, upon arriving, the “chaperones,” a.k.a. execs of the fab girl group, said that the club was strict on IDs and not to try their luck on buying drinks. Of course, everyone was not attuned to that little claim and hit up the bar. Our party-goer showed not one, not two, but three forms of ID. That’s right – his license, WildCard and a credit card in order to gain access to the drink bracelet. After 30 minutes of partying, the president of the function got on the loudspeaker to tell the partiers that their bar had been shut down before the first course! Um, obvi because someone had been spotted with a drink in their hand and no bracelet. Sadness ensued! Outta control! Love it!”Chin Slip”A short synopsis of some skin that showed at a formal. Here’s the scenario … guy and girl dancing against a wall. The guy was going in a downward motion. His chin got stuck on the girl’s dress and pulled it down, exposing some skin … if you know what I mean. Ah! Next time let’s be careful in public … get a room? Poss.”Short Shorts” • An Elle Woods dress-alike showed up at a ho ho ho party this past weekend. She proceeded to run around West Campus, handing out candy canes and yelling “Merry Christmas.” I think short skirt was an understatement. • Mouse in Bartley. Students beware • FYI: Two individuals are suspected of having sex in a blue Dodge Neon. Um, obvi the car doesn’t belong to them. If you broke in and macked it, let me know – sources have your shirt!