Brown: Bowl season looks to draw crazy season to close

Carolyn Brown

As we are all preparing to finally go home for the holidays, one thing people everywhere are looking forward to is the final results of college football. Postseason football is one of the most watched events during the Christmas season, but an all-around hated BCS system creates arguments yet again.

The chosen teams in the BCS bowls this year raised questions as to the type of postseason play that Division I college football teams strive to accomplish in order to attend. Every year, there are deserving teams that do not get a bid to one of the best bowl games in Division I and then have to resort to a lesser bowl versus a lesser team. However, through all the faults of the BCS that are brought up every year, we still have to predict the outcomes of the crazy BCS bowls. Here are my predictions:

National Championship:

Ohio State vs. LSU

The winner of this matchup is going to be LSU. Even though Ohio State has plenty of big-game experience and has won many close games this season, LSU is not going to let another embarrassment like Arkansas happen. Making it into the National Championship by sheer luck, LSU is going to be fired up to win in order to prove to many skeptical football fans that they deserved to be chosen for the big title game. You can expect the stadium to be a packed house full of Tiger fans because the game will be played at the Louisiana Superdome. This LSU squad is impressive on both offense and defense and will be too strong for the Buckeyes to stop. I predict that LSU pulls off a win over Ohio State by at least 10 points.

Orange Bowl:

Virginia Tech vs. Kansas

The real question everyone is asking right now is how did Kansas make it into a bowl game after a completely embarrassing show versus Missouri? After Missouri lost to Oklahoma and its chances at the title were taken away, they dropped to No. 6. Then Missouri was taken out of the BCS bowl games altogether – only one of the questionable happenings in the BCS system this season. Even though I am a biased fan who will be rooting for the Jayhawks, I’m not sure they will be able to play with Virginia Tech. The Hokies are always a top contender in football every season, and they have a talented team this year. Virginia Tech has experience versus talented football teams. Kansas however, has not played a very tough schedule this year, and therefore, has not proven itself among top teams. I say Kansas will lose by at least 13.

Fiesta Bowl:

West Virginia vs. Oklahoma

Another team who had a shot at the big game this year lost its chance when it lost at home to an unranked Pittsburgh. West Virginia has an extremely talented team this year but is not talented enough to get past Oklahoma. The Sooners have been one of the top teams in the country ever since Bob Stoops took over the program in 1999. Oklahoma has the strongest offense in the Big 12 and is too good for West Virginia’s average defense to be able to shut down. Although they have put up big passing plays, the Sooners can also run. West Virginia has a strong defense but not strong enough to overwhelm Oklahoma’s powerful offensive unit. I think Oklahoma will win by a touchdown and begin to erase some memories of last year’s shocking loss to Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Rose Bowl:

Illinois vs. USC

USC is all I have to say, especially if its line is back for the game and uninjured. This is another team that is extremely talented and remains a top contender in football every season. Although the Illinois defense remains strong and has surprised many teams this year, will it be able to surprise USC? With so many superstar athletes, I have to guess that USC will be able to play with the Illinois defense. After upsetting Ohio State this season, USC needs to be prepared to play a team that stays competitive and can pull off big wins. However, I think USC will pull this one out by at least 14.

Even though the BCS is highly criticized for its results every season, we know we all get anxious for the most exciting time in football every year. Even though the predictions are set, who knows how the season is going to end after one of the most crazy seasons in college football history this year?


Carolyn Brown is a senior communication major from Oklahoma City, Okla. She can be reached at [email protected].