‘Tango in Red’ mtvU pick of the week

Ben Raymond

By Ben Raymond

Staff Reporter

For the second month in succession, my pick for the mtvU Film of the Week goes to a student from New York University.

First it was the madly creative “Maenad” from junior Pamela Liou. This time around, the honor goes to NYU graduate student William Caballero for his adroit musical rendition “Tango in Red.”

Describing “Tango in Red” in words is like trying to verbalize a symphony.

In fact, it is exactly like trying to verbalize a symphony – the film itself is music. “Tango in Red” has no story, no interaction and no semblance of narrative.

Caballero doesn’t rely on a hackneyed storyline or cheap effects to impress his audience. He skillfully blends sight and sound to create a unique visual and aural experience.

He is the composer, conductor and performer of this vibrant filmic concerto.

The action within the film is set in congruence with Caballero’s beautiful self-composed music.

Cinematically speaking, the highlight of the film is its editing.

The subjects’ motion mimics precisely the dynamics of the music. Short strikes at the strings are shown in choppy movements. Longer notes are visualized as smooth, uncut motion.

No doubt, the film is all about the music. And what amazing music it is.

Already a celebrated young composer, Caballero adds to his formidable resumè with “Tango in Red,” creating an arresting, chaotic score that is a masterpiece in of itself.

Caballero’s composition is wild and graphic. It bites and tears, tugging and ripping away at the senses.

The action within the film is matchlessly choreographed to each stab, riff and vibrato.

Caballero reverses cinematic convention in having sound dictate image.

The combination of robust music and simple visuals is ingenious and effective, making “Tango in Red” a pillar of fine student cinema.

It is difficult to believe music so forceful could come from someone so young.

The sounds that emanate from Caballero’s strings are absolutely manic, rocketing to the ears in a wicked, multi-octave rage.

The piece is positively enthralling. I’m willing to bet most anyone would think it came from a seasoned and illustrious composer. Obviously, Caballero possesses a great gift.

His marvelous musical ability resonates vigorously through the film.

Don’t be at all surprised if you see his name credited under “original score by” during a film in the not-too-distant future.

“Tango in Red” is a glimpse into a bright career for an exceptional young talent.

Caballero’s “Tango in Red” is a rousing testament to the intrinsic compatibility of cinema and music and an exemplar of what student artists’ capabilities.