Movies that are certain to kill Christmas cheer

Stephen Buszka

Christmas is a time of year for miracles, family get-togethers and nauseatingly bad movies. Almost like clockwork, Christmas movies debut en masse beginning around Thanksgiving. Some movies adequately capture the spirit of Christmas and leave viewers with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Here are some Christmas classics that you’ll want to leave in your stocking or toss on top of the Yule Log.

“Jack Frost 2” (2000)

Although not exactly a Christmas movie, the snowman theme allows it to fall within this category. Just when you thought Sheriff Sam Tiler had killed off Jack Frost in “Jack Frost,” Jack comes back to life. For those who missed out on the first movie, Jack Frost is a serial killer who fused with snow thanks to some well-placed acid.

The sequel takes place on a remote tropical island. Yes, Jack Frost, a killer snowman, travels to a tropical island to hunt down the man he vowed to get revenge on, and, no, he does not melt.

While antifreeze was his kryptonite in the first movie, Jack now has a new weakness … bananas. And that’s exactly what this movie is.

“Santa’s Slay” (2005)

Everyone loves Santa’s sleigh, but no one wants to face Santa’s slay. See what they did there? The sleigh has presents; slay is a violent act. Get it?

OK, there is more to it. Santa is actually an evil demon who was forced to do good – give gifts, eat cookies, chuckle, be merry and such – for 1,000 years because he lost a bet with an angel during a curling match.

Once his 1,000 years are up, Santa starts killing. SNL fans will enjoy Chris Kattan’s appearance.

“Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” (1964)

With the distinction of being on IMDB’s 100 worst movies list, this “classic” has been a disaster for over 40 years. Apparently Martian children don’t get to have fun because they are fed education through machines and live in an overly rigid structure.

Chochem, the 800-year old Martian sage suggests that kids need freedom to keep them happy and one way to do this is to introduce a Santa-like figure for Martin children to adore.

In typical Martian fashion, they go out and kidnap Santa with the intention of forcing him to make toys for all the Martian children.

A wrench is thrown into the plot when it is apparent that the warmongering Voldar actually wants Santa dead. Oh no!

In the end everything works out as Dropo adopts the role of Santa on Mars and the real Santa is allowed to return to the North Pole.

“To Grandmother’s House We Go” (1992)

Made back in the days when the snow the Olsen twins frolicked in wasn’t addictive or hazardous to their health, the move was inspired by the song “Over the River and Through the Woods.”

They just want to go to grandmother’s house, but some of Santa’s helpers end up kidnapping them. These two young sleuths catch on and realize that the people they were kidnapped by are only pretending to be Santa’s helpers.

They get to grandmother’s and everything is alright in the end. The nauseatingly cutesy nature of this made-for-TV movie makes you sort of wish the kidnappers never let them get away.