Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,

I really like this guy who I have known for a while now; he’s really nice, and we hang out a lot. He recently confessed that he likes me! However, there are two minor things I should probably mention. One is that he is my boss, and two, he has a girlfriend. Should I pursue this?


Lover of the Authority

Dear Lover of the Authority,

I only have one word for you: run! Get out while you can! There is nothing worse in life than dealing with a guy who has a girlfriend. Okay, I’m sure there are worst things in life, but we don’t want you to be caught up in an unending love triangle full of drama, now do we? Sure, we all love a little bit of drama, but seriously, this is one triangle you’re going to want to circle your way out of.

I have an analogy for you. If you think about it, dating your boss is like a perfectly good bowl of fruit salad. A beautiful bowl with perfectly cut bananas, apples, strawberries and some raspberries thrown in there too. You approach the bowl like you haven’t eaten in weeks thinking this is going to be the best bowl of fruit you’ve ever tasted. Then, just as you put your spoon in the bowl to put some on your plate, it dawns on you. You realize that the raspberries aren’t as bright red as they should be and those bananas have some brown bruises on them. Before you know it you’re annoyed and throw out your bowl of fruit in disgust, realizing that it would have only put an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Like the fruit, the boss seemingly has perks. You get to see him often when you are at work and get to know him on a different level. Not only do you learn how he is socially, but also how he interacts with other colleagues. You can decide if you enjoy his interactions with other people on all different levels. However, even though this scenario looks picture perfect, it really is not. Why? Well, he has a girlfriend! I’ll even ignore the issue that he is crazy for telling you that he likes you when he still has a girlfriend.

I mean let’s be serious here, are you willing to subject yourself to this kind of situation? Dealing with a new relationship and ex-girlfriends are bad enough. Dealing with a current established girlfriend is just a whole new ocean full of problems that I’m not so sure a person should be jumping into head first. Not only would you be dating your boss, but you would be breaking up a relationship while starting a new one and probably still be dealing with a crazy ex-girlfriend who has it out for you.

My advice: I say find a new job, get out while you can and change your cell number for the sake of not being burned. Think about yourself and the drama that will enter your life if you don’t escape this situation ASAP!