BNN Extra: Jamie’s take on the Super Bowl

Jamie Augustinksy

The ’07 NFL season is almost over, with only one game remaining to determine who will be its champion. Most of us not from the New England area have regularly tuned in to Patriots games just waiting for their perfection to finally come to an end, but here we are, three days away from the big game, and the Pats remain unbeaten.

As an avid Eagles fan myself, I would almost hate to have the New York Giants be the team to ruin the Patriots’ historic season and capture the ultimate prize, but I have to give praise to the Giants where it’s due. As true underdogs in the NFC, they won three straight road games en route to the Super Bowl, and I think they are going to give the Patriots a hard fight.

Even though the Giants are double-digit underdogs, it’s going to be a much closer game than expected. The Giants have played hard in all their postseason games so far, and I expect them to go into Sunday’s game with that same determination and will to win, but it won’t be enough to beat the Pats.

No surprises here; the Patriots will be the champions of Super Bowl XLII. Tom Brady will once again be the Super Bowl MVP. The ’07 season will end as everyone predicted in the very beginning with Brady and his New England Patriots on top. Those of us not in the Pats’ fan club will have to wait until next season for a chance to see our teams rival the Patriots for control of the NFL.

Patriots 28, Giants 20.