A very ‘Super’ Bowl

Justin Rodstrom

I’m still coming down off the high of an amazing upset by the Road Warriors of the NFL, my hometown New York Giants.

After being low-balled by nearly every analyst in the media, only a team with that kind of moxie could pull off an upset of the 18-1, near perfect New England Patriots. But enough of my elation, on to the music- Tom Petty.

So Tom Petty, yeah he’s alright, I guess. I know one thing’s for sure though, his Super Bowl performance at this year’s Halftime Show was a real yawn.

No amount of fireworks, confetti or video pans of his adoring fans could create that sense of dramatic urgency and spectacle associated with the biggest game’s biggest concert.

He had the standard Petty classics in there, “American Girl,” “Refugee” and of course, “Free Fallin'”… thing is, after seeing Tom geriatrically grope his way through a catalogue of easy listening tunes, I was more in the mood to take a nap rather than see a bunch of 7 foot, testosterone laden mega stars crash headlong into each other.

Don’t get me wrong, Tom Petty is great alright but he can’t match up to Prince’s flailing guitar-sex mimicry, Paul McCartney’s catalogue of tunes, Aerosmith’s stadium fever or even that memorable *flash* of talent made possible by Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and a certain ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

I mean, there are enough stadium rockers, movers and shakers still out there that the NFL could court for Halftime- you’ve got AC/DC, The Who, Jay-Z, Kanye West all have the capabilities for the world’s biggest television event of the year.

So here’s to the New York Giants, and let’s just hope the NFL get’s their act together for next year’s big game.