Midterm motivational music

Jeff Yerger

It’s that time of the year again.

We’ve finally gotten settled into the second semester, and everything has been running pretty smoothly.

That is, until that one dreaded word comes up in class: midterms.

The painful memories of last semester’s finals are still fresh in our mind; it can’t possibly be time for midterms already.

Well, unfortunately it is, but here’s some music to help you get through the drudgery of hitting the books and into spring break in one piece.

We all know that the genre of music to listen to while studying is classical music.

Sure, it’s soothing and peaceful, but it may just put you to sleep. That is a definite no-no when it comes to studying.

Hip hop, rap, loud rock and metal will just distract you, keeping you from getting the job done.

The albums and songs here will keep you stimulated, focused and relaxed all at the same time so you won’t short circuit during this next week.

And if you listen to these albums, you will at least feel good about the material, and life won’t seem so tedious or stressful:


Coldplay’s 2000 debut album will put your mind at ease.

There are some up-beat moments, but the majority of the album is dominated by the mellow and melodic atmosphere that songs like “Spies,” “Sparks” and “We Never Change” produce.

This soft alt-rock album is full of advice too, so when you feel down and you feel like you’re going to go crazy if you have to memorize another Calculus equation, put on “Don’t Panic” or “Everything’s Not Lost.”

Radiohead”In Rainbows”

Speaking of music from the British Isles, “In Rainbows” will certainly set the ideal mood for a long study session in the library.

There’s not too much here that will distract you, and songs like “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” and “Reckoner” have the power to keep you motivated to finish that paper or that final chapter in your history book.

John Mayer”Continuum”

When you feel like gravity is pulling you down and the weight of studying is just too much on your mind, don’t give up.

Just listen to John Mayer’s “Continuum.”

This album’s mix of slow jams and soft blues rock will help you to get that tedious studying done.

“Gravity,” “Heart of Life” and “Stop This Train” are just a few songs that will keep you feeling good in both body and mind, and they certainly won’t put you to sleep.

Other listen-worthy albums for those hectic study sessions include “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard” by Paul McCartney, “The Stranger” by Billy Joel and “The Reminder” by Feist.

These albums will give you the spark you need to continue studying, so give them a listen, and I can promise your mind will be at ease.

If listening to albums straight through isn’t your cup of tea, there are still plenty of stimulating studying songs out there to add to your studying playlist on iTunes.

Everyone has their different tastes, but when it comes to studying, you can’t be listening to anything too heavy or too loud.

Try giving these songs a listen: Guster’s “Amsterdam,” Band of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You,” Incubus’ “11am” or Foo Fighters’ “Cold Day in the Sun.”

These songs, along with those Starbucks double shots, will help you stay stimulated as well as keep all that information in your brain at the same time.

Acoustic stuff is always nice and easy to listen to while hitting the books.

Songs like “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band, “Last Request” by Paolo Nutini or pretty much anything by Jack Johnson are good for those long study binges.

Even the Beatles are good to put on in the background of your studies (i.e. “Rubber Soul”).

So, remember: midterms are important, so don’t take them too lightly.

Get lots of rest, eat healthy and, if it helps, listen to some music to put your mind at ease because you shouldn’t have to be stressed out during this next week.