WBB: ‘Cats defeated in Chicago

Allison Venella

The women’s basketball team took on No. 23 DePaul, on the road in Chicago, Ill., this past weekend. Villanova lost the game 78-55, and the team now sits 12-10 overall and 2-7 in the Big East. DePaul, which has a Big East record of 5-3, was too much for Villanova to handle, as the team trailed from almost the beginning of the game.

Highlights for the ‘Nova team included 17 points from junior forward Lisa Karcic. Karcic hit five 3-pointers and one field goal to combine for 17 total points while sophomore guard Maria Getty netted 14. Forwards Laura Kurz and Stacie Whitman combined for 15 points.

DePaul had outstanding performances by both Allie Quigley and Deirdre Naughton, who combined for 44 points, scoring 23 and 21, respectively. Natasha Williams added another 12 points for the team. The three top scorers combined for almost all of the Blue Demons points.

Villanova trailed 12-6 early on in the game and then 44-28 at the half. Quigley and Naughton started the scoring drive for the Blue Demons, and Villanova could not come back to within 13 the rest of the game.

Shannon Elliott scored three points, and Tia Grant scored five to also add to the Wildcat total. Whitman pulled six rebounds for the team.

Villanova has the week off to regroup and next looks to take on St. John’s in another Big East matchup on Saturday.