The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,

I am the last person to turn 21 of my friends, and I was wondering what you thought was a good idea for celebrating? I am really excited and can not wait! I hope to include all of my friends!


Bye Bye 20!

Dear Bye Bye 20!,

Happy birthday! I guess you should first thank your parents for a February birthday as opposed to your peers who might still be waiting for one of the best birthdays they might ever have. So, this is what I am thinking: search your inner diva or divo, circa Sweet 16. Anyway, with that search, think of what you have really wanted to do for a long time. And let’s be serious – the reason why I highlighted the fact that you should search that inner diva/divo is because you have been driving your friends to the bars every weekend since they turned 21, so basically, they owe you.

Okay, so first things first. You need to designate some kind of transportation. Riding in class is always the best. Hiring a private car to drive you and your friends around is the safest way! Now, you need to call attention to yourself, and I don’t mean obnoxiously. It is your day of birth, so let’s do it up! Go to your nearest store and make some T-shirts! The baby is getting older! Next, if you’re a girl, a tiara is in order. The tiara must say something referencing your new age and of course must be pink and furry … or whatever color you prefer. Main point: let people know it’s your birthday! And no matter if you’re a diva or divo, comfy but fab clothes are in order. Boys, a classic rugby T-shirt and jeans would be great if you want to do a dress-down thing for the bars. However, if you want to class it up, go for those ever-so-cute polo shirt and jeans. Girls, dresses are cute; jeans and fancy tops are what is in this season.

Now, you can’t forget your glam accessories and shoes – clearly they are what make the outfit!

So, now that we have the attire down, where should we go and what should we eat? Before going out, it would be a great idea to have dinner to celebrate. There are so many hot spots all up and down the Main Line, and you can even head into Philadelphia. Restaurants located around Villanova, including Savona and Nectar, are always fun for some sushi. Also, cute places in Philadelphia include Continental, Red Sky and of course Budakhan is great too!

After heading out to dinner make your way to your newfound social scene either near Villanova or in Philadelphia. Kelly’s, Maloney’s (for that fish bowl), Erin’s and don’t forget the new Flip and Bailey’s are where you should be on your day! Have a great time, and don’t forget to be safe on your 21st birthday!