Travel program expands

Jessica May

SGA and UNIT has announced the implementation of “Ride Share Board,” an online service that allows Villanova faculty, staff and students to post information about offerring and receiving car rides to and from the University.

Originally, faculty and staff members were the only members of the community who had access to the site, which been used for over a year.

However, by extending this service to students, the Student Concerns and Issues Branch of SGA and UNIT’s Rachel Schaller have managed to create an opportunity for those without vehicles to return home with fellow students.

The Concerns and Issues Branch of SGA focuses on addressing concerns and brainstorming new ideas in order to solve problems that rise among the student body.

This branch of SGA is also responsible for many successful initiatives, such as Villanova’s readership program, the off-campus weekend shuttles, frequent buyer cards at Holy Grounds, the creation of standardized Dining Services hours and the offering of fresh dough pizza on South Campus.

Originally, the idea of offering a site for people to converse about sharing rides to and from campus was introduced with the intent of promoting environmental safety.

This initiative therefore coincided with the President’s Climate Commitment, which University President Rev. Peter Donohue, O.S.A., signed. He joined the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment in June of 2007 in order to advance environmental awareness and education.

Over 340 other educational institutions have signed the same agreement to promote environmental safety on their respective campuses, according to Donohue’s State of the University Address in November of 2007.

The President’s Climate Commitment Team now consists of members from a variety of Villanova’s faculty departments and student organizations.

By sharing rides, students can actively reduce exhaust and other pollutants admitted into the air by taking fewer cars to and from the University.

Plus, the convenience of riding home with fellow Villanovans provides the opportunity to meet new people and gain new experiences.

In order to access the Web site, students can click on a link that is present on the Villanova homepage under the name ‘Student Links.’ Then, using their Villanova e-mail address and banner ID numbers, students are able to search through posts in order to find others that live near them.

Students even have the ability to sign up for alerts by clicking on the ‘Actions’ tab, so they don’t miss a ride that has been offered.

Whether you need company on your ride home or you are looking for an alternative to figuring out confusing train schedules, Villanova’s new Ride Share Board provides a new opportunity to seek out a simpler way to return home.

If students still have trouble figuring out the site, there is a post titled “How to use this board,” which will provide further information about available rides.