Handel’s a Main Line treat

Courtney Linde

It really is interesting what can be found when Googling “Main Line Ice Cream.”

My Google search led me to the usual ice cream franchise suspects; however, there was one listing that was unfamiliar: Handel’s.

After visiting its Web site, I knew that it was time to broaden my ice cream horizons and pay a visit to its location a few miles down Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn, Pa.

Upon my arrival, it was clear that I was one of the few Main Line inhabitants that had not heard of this ice cream haven.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt was founded in 1945 by Alice Handel in Youngstown, Ohio, in an obscure place: her backyard.

Soon, small chains began opening throughout the Ohio region and expanded into other states, such as California, Indiana, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Handel’s menu includes a wide range of flavors, which are made fresh daily on the premises.

With well over 80 flavors consisting of ice cream, sherbets, low-fat yogurt, fat-free no-sugar-added ice cream and ices, there is enough variety to keep a customer coming back time and time again.

While customer favorites are still the traditional vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip and cookie dough, Handel’s also boasts some extremely creative concoctions, including cinnamon sticky bun, graham central station, deep dish apple pie and true blue bubble gum.

I treated myself to the Handel’s cookie dough and butterscotch ripple, and I can honestly say that I have never had a better ice cream experience. National Geographic magazine has named Handel’s the No. 1 best ice cream in the world.

Also, having loyal customers like Bill Cosby helps bring recognition to this establishment.