Out of Bounds with Kyle Scudilla

Kyle Scudilla

THE 18 MILLION GHOSTS OF ISIAHThe Isiah Thomas era has come to an end at Madison Square Garden.Coach Isiah was finally put to sleep just weeks after losing his title of team president to newcomer Donnie Walsh. Walsh came in to fix a once-proud franchise that that has been flat out embarrassed over the last few years, becoming unequivocally the biggest joke in sports. He wanted to restore a team with one of the richest histories in the NBA. He doesn’t want to pay over $3.8 million per win anymore. So naturally the first move was to dump Zeke.For Knicks fans, this is the first reason they’ve had to smile in a long time. My best friend from Jersey, Matt, is as die-hard a sports fan when it comes to his teams as you’ll meet. He never, ever leaves a sporting event early for any reason. He watches all his team’s games. He’s a Jets season ticket holder and, better yet, is excited about that. Every year I listen to his 101 reasons why this will finally be the year Gang Green wins it all.Yet the Knicks made him turn away from the NBA altogether.When we played rec ball together back in elementary school, Matt didn’t go anywhere without his big Knicks starter jacket. He talked about Patrick Ewing like he was the greatest player to walk the face of the earth. He worshipped John Starks, Charles Oakley and the like. Basketball was his favorite sport, and the Knicks were his team.During the Isiah era, he had to see the likes of Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry. Ouch.Now, after the “Isiah era,” Matt can’t even stomach watching a full NBA game.There are thousands of “Matts” across the tri-state area these days. Congratulations Isiah. You sure have orphaned a ton of basketball fans in and around New York.Let’s face it: the only people who have benefitted from the Knicks being this God-awful are people like me who get to write about how utterly ridiculous they are. Believe me when I say that as both as a writer and a Nets fan, I’m sad to see Isiah go.Well, he’s not really gone, is he? Walsh decided to keep Isiah on as one of his consultants. When I saw this, I flipped out. What’s the benefit? Do the exact opposite of whatever he suggests when the franchise has a big decision to make?He’s not the coach. He’s not the general manager. He’s not the president. He’s not even allowed to talk to the players.As “the Bobs” asked Tom Smykowski in “Office Space”:”So, what, what would you say … you do here?”Isiah better have some good “people skills,” because otherwise, he’s getting paid $18 million to simply stay away from the team he absolutely destroyed.

YouTubin’ Clip of the WeekSee the video atyoutube.com/villanovansportsWith Isiah Thomas, the most lampooned person in the history of Out of Bounds being chronicled already, it’s only fitting that the most honored figure of the page be present as well.Charles Barkley, simply put, is consistently my favorite thing about the NBA. He is the single most entertaining media personality in the business. Don’t believe me? Let YouTube do the talking.The first clip is the first of two popular games Charles has been a part of. The second clip tests Sir Charles’ knowledge of geography. Finally, Barkley guarantees that he’ll weigh in at under 300 pounds a few months after the initial controversy. Does he make it? Check YouTubin’ to find out.