DIBIASE: Answers for world of sports in five years

Justin Dibiase

The year is 2013. Flying cars are now commonplace, and Ralph Nader is beginning his second term as president of the United States. Besides these two obvious outcomes, the future is hazy. Sports, in general, have many questions about the future that await answers. I have compiled what I think are interesting questions that will be answered five years from now.

Where in the world is Michael Vick?

Vick will be 32 in five years, and his prison days will be far behind him. I believe that Vick will return to the NFL as a starting quarterback but will struggle as he did at times in Atlanta. Vick’s aging will be a certain problem because he will have to rely more on his arm than his legs.

Is Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame?

Charlie Hustle will not be going to Cooperstown anytime soon. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig recently signed a contract that extended his reign to 2012. Selig is adamant about keeping Rose away from the Hall, but a new commissioner may have another view in 2013.

Is Tiger still roaring?

Tiger Woods is currently five majors behind Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 wins. If Woods wins one per year, he will tie the Golden Bear and will only be 37. He also will be adding to his 64 total PGA Tour wins. Woods’ recent arthroscopic knee surgery should help him in the long run.

Is Dikembe Mutombo still playing?

Mount Mutombo has been finger waving for the better part of three decades. At 42 (probably older), Dikembe is still going strong in Houston. Time will tell for this Congo native.

Are the Cubbies still cursed?

The Cubs haven’t seen a World Series Championship in over a century. Lou Piniella is the right man to take them back to the series, but winning it will be the tough part. The Cubs have as good a chance as any National League team in the next five years to win it all.

Has the BCS system changed?

It seems like this question arises every year, but nothing is done. The next five years may prove to be a time of change for college football. A four-team playoff would be the best solution, but the powers that be have the final say.

Is the next Jordan here?

We all know Kobe and LeBron are great, but they aren’t MJ. The next five years will be an important time for both men. Kobe will need to prove his dominance as he ages, and LeBron will need to win a championship if he even wants to be compared to Jordan. One thing is for sure; Kobe and LeBron will not be retiring to play minor league baseball any time soon.

Has the NBA age limit changed?

The new NBA Draft entrance-age requirement of 19 years is controversial to say the least. Commissioner David Stern may have created more bad than good with this rule. One-year stays at colleges are not the way to revitalize college basketball. High school graduates should be able to jump to the NBA if they want to.

Is Tony Romo better than Troy Aikman?

Romo has T.O., Witten and MB3. Aikman had Irvin, Novacek and Emmitt Smith. Romo is on his way to a great career, but will he be able to match Aikman’s three Lombardi Trophies by the time he retires? For Romo, the time is now for winning.

Is MMA more popular than boxing?

Mixed martial arts is gaining popularity all over the world. It just may replace boxing as the premier combat sport in the world in five years. The lack of big name boxers will propel MMA to the top of the popularity ladder.

Is the steroids era over?

Testing for steroids has begun, but HGH is still not tested for in MLB clubhouses. There are many questions that will be answered in the next five years. Will the inflated home run totals return to normal levels in five years? What names will come out that haven’t already? What will the reputations of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens be like? Will Jose Canseco still be running his mouth? It looks like these next five years will be interesting to say the least.

Where is Jay Wright?

Wright has been consistently mentioned as coaching vacancies emerge both for college basketball’s powerhouse programs and for the NBA. He has also consistently stated his happiness at Villanova. As the next five years pass, Wright will continue to be a hot commodity. Something tells me, though, that this Wildcat legend-in-the-making isn’t leaving the Main Line anytime soon.


Justin DiBiase is a junior civil engineering major from Franklinville, N.J. He can be reached at [email protected].