Indie rock group Eisley performs at First Unitarian Church

Abbey Carr

Indie-folk-rock band Eisley stopped in Philadelphia on April 25 at the First Unitarian Church. Finally touring to promote its latest LP, “Combinations,” this family band is about half-way through with its 40-plus-date trek. Made up of three sisters, a brother and a cousin, Eisley didn’t stop there when recruiting family members; their tour manager is their father, lighting is done by another cousin and there are other Dupree family members running around backstage as well.

The piano rockers of Melee were supposed to be supporting this tour but for unnamed reasons backed out of the tour. Instead, they are joined by The Myriad and Vedera, with The Envy Corps on some dates. The Envy Corps missed the Philly date because they had to fly to the United Kingdom.

The first band up was Vedera with vocals so similar to those of the Eisley girls that I honestly thought they might be more cousins on the Dupree family tree.

The Myriad was really cool, and its song “Forget What You Came For” really struck me as haunting and memorable. It has a new album coming out May 13. I’m definitely kicking myself because it had the new album available at the show, but I forgot to pick it up on my way out. Thank goodness for those iTunes gift cards I haven’t used yet.

Eisley rocked it. I caught them about a year or so ago when it played the same venue, but Sherri Dupree was sick, so the set was rather weak. This show was beyond my expectations. The set was split between new tunes and old tracks off of “Room Noises,” which made me a happy fan.

They played some of my favorites included “One Day I Slowly Floated Away,” “Golly Sandra” and “Marvelous Things.” Their new album is a small step in a good direction away from “Room Noises.” “If You’re Wondering” is a romantic lullaby that is a cartoon character-shy of being featured in a Disney movie. I’m not sure when it was written, but “Ten Cent Blues” reminds me of the broken relationships that the Eisley girls have tried to keep private throughout the last year. Last year, Sherri divorced her husband, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, and early this year, Chauntelle ended her engagement to Taking Back Sunday vocalist Adam Lazzara. I guess bad breakups can always lead to a great song, right?

After the show, drummer/brother Weston Dupree said the band isn’t very fond of the Church because of the difficulty in loading equipment into the basement, but they love Philadelphia. The band had its sights set on cheesesteaks and one day playing the TLA on South Street.

Side note: I’m a senior and will be leaving Villanova, but I’m staying in Philly partially because of the great music scene we have here. I want to leave all of you music lovers with a challenge to get off campus and into the city for some shows. Hit up the First Unitarian Church, the TLA, the Troc, the Factory, North Star Bar or World Café Live. I haven’t been to the Khyber or Tower yet, but I hear great things. Change up the monotonous pace of Villanova weekends with some good music. Quit walking around campus with your iPods clogging your ears, and get out to see live music. Maybe I’ll even see you at a show next year …