10 Totally Random Questions for …

Lauren Piro

As Christmas comes closer and everyone’s to-do list gets longer, there’s one man whose life no one seems to envy at this time of year – Santa Claus. The Villanovan was lucky enough to swing a few minutes with the big man in red, making him this week’s lucky victim of the 10 totally random questions.

1. So Santa, how’s the Christmas season looking for you this year?Every year it gets busier and busier. Another new game console; another new doll that sleeps, eats and tap dances. It’s just more pressure on my elves every year.

2. Do the elves really make all the toys?Of course. January begins our down time, so we use that period to train the elves on the new designs for next year. We’ll hold some seminars and workshops – the folks at Nintendo are often quite helpful. Not the most fun time for the elves, but we make it work.

3. What do you have to say about the Christmas-themed movies that come out around this time of year – are they accurate?Haha. Well their hearts are certainly in the right place, but they usually give me a good laugh. “Fred Claus”? Really?

4. A lot of kids look forward to leaving cookies out for you. What’s your favorite kind?There’s a house in Minnesota that makes the best chocolate chips – leaves me hot chocolate, too. I often wish I could linger a little longer there, but the nature of the job calls for efficiency and speed.

5. Just how do you make it around the entire world, delivering presents to children in one night?With the magic of Christmas, of course.

6. Come on, Santa; you’re not fooling anyone. What is it?[Sighs] Well, the time zones do help. Dominick the donkey in Italy pulls a good amount of the weight there. In the past, I’ve had a department of elves working on telekinesis – but it’s really the technology that helps the most now.

7. So the North Pole’s gone digital, huh?Oh yes, I’m truly part of the 21st century now. Got myself a GPS and some rocket turbos to get me where I’ve got to be. I have Steve Jobs working on an iSleigh for me that will hopefully be ready by next year. So things have the potential to be looking up.

8. What do you have to say about accusations regarding your famous “ho ho ho” chortle being too suggestively explicit for young children?My lawyer has advised me not to comment on that issue. We hope to eradicate the accusations after the busy season.

9. Which reindeer is your favorite?While I love them all dearly, I’d have to say Blitzen is my favorite. He’s always been a loyal sleigh puller and is kind to Mrs. Claus. I’m afraid Rudolph’s status has made him arrogant as the years have gone by. I guess he’s forgotten what it feels like to not be invited to the Reindeer Games. They all pull through for me on the 24th, though.

10. So is The Villanovan staff on your naughty or nice list this year?You’ll all be getting some very nice presents. I think you’ll be quite pleased. However, I can think of a few who might see some coal in their stocking as well [winks].