What to do before the summer sets

Lauren Piro

As the semester quickly draws to a close, students’ minds reel frantically over impending finals, move-out day and last moments with friends. But in the backs of their minds is the reward that every college student waits all year for – summer. Preoccupied with responsibility and reality during the day, in their dreams there are only visions of sandy beaches, barbeques and lazy afternoons. For Villanova students, however, summer is more than just a break from their real lives. It is a time with abundant opportunities to enrich their lives and satisfy their curiosity about things they don’t have time to think about at school. Popular experiences for many include summer study abroad programs. For the student who cannot take the time to spend an entire semester in a different country, these programs can be the perfect way to get a taste of life abroad and have an unforgettable summer. Many choose to study in Europe, fulfilling school requirements while experiencing the art, history and lifestyle of those on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.”I will be studying abroad in Siena, Italy, this summer from the end of May all through June,” sophomore Ashley Ferguson says. “I know it will be a great experience, and I really can’t wait.” Others choose more exotic places, with perhaps some social justice or community service attached. Sophomore Lisa Treweeke looks forward to her program on education and social change in Durban, South Africa.”I will basically be living in three locations for two weeks each, learning about the cultural and social issues that affect the people of South Africa,” she says. Sophomore Sara Furlong has also devoted some of her summer to volunteerism.”I’m doing something kind of unique,” she says. “I’m living with Maryknoll nuns in Panama for a month and serving elderly people.”Many students also use summer as an opportunity to broaden their scope of possible future careers and build up their resumés. Through internships, jobs or summer classes, students can get invaluable experiences, a chance to try out different options for their future and maybe even pick up some extra cash. “I’m working for Coldwell Banker and taking an online summer course to stay smart,” sophomore Kelly Kreider says. Sophomore Laura Seiler has similar plans but, like many students, hopes that her summer free time won’t be totally compromised.”I’m doing SBI [Villanova’s Summer Business Institute] and waitressing this summer,” she says with a hint of anguish. “I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or dreading it.”Even with busy plans, Villanova students will not go all summer without some fun and relaxation. Many look forward to soaking up the sun on their favorite beach, going on vacation or even just playing a lot of Nintendo with their little brother. Summer is the time they can be whatever they want – an adult, a little kid or a balance between the two.”It’s funny how sometimes your summer plans fall into place last minute, and everything works out in the end,” Ferguson says excitedly. “I can’t wait for summer!”