Alumnus named New York’s ‘Bachelor of the Year’

Bridget Nyland

Patrick Clark, Villanova Classof 2000, was recently selected asNew York’s Bachelor of the Year byCosmopolitan Magazine.A baseball player during hisyears at ‘Nova, Clark works as astock trader at the Wall Street StockExchange.His sister submitted him to thecontest, and the editor of Cosmopolitan,Kate White, selected himas New York’s winner.While uncertain of the actualselection process, Clark has receivedmany benefits from it.”It’s been a great experience,”Clark said. “It’s opened a lot of doorsfor me.”Among many opportunities,modeling agencies have approachedClark, and he has appeared on businessTV stations.He has even been approached byABC executives, in regards to beingthe next bachelor, in the hit realityseries “The Bachelor.” Nothing hasbeen confirmed, but filming beginsin January, so Clark looks forwardto that prospect.From here, Clark will pursueworking in television or modeling.Besides “The Bachelor,” businesstelevision stations are Clark’s mainfocus.”Life throws you curve balls, andyou have to make the best of it,”Clark said.Originally from the Jersey Shore,Clark fondly remembers his days atVillanova.”My best memories are fromhanging out with the baseball guys,”Clark said. “We were like a family.”Not to be pigeonholed, however,Clark spent an even amount of timestudying and spending time in aca-demic clubs.A communication major, he wasthe president of the Chinese cluband participated in the Irish CultureSociety.”Academics are very important,especially at a school like Villanova,but I think it’s equally important tobe well rounded with athletics andsocializing,” Clark said.Of everything at Villanova, Clarkbelieves that it’s the people thatmake Villanova so great.”I’m still really close with a lot ofpeople from Villanova,” Clark said.”I talk to someone at least once aweek. I’ve traveled throughout theworld because of it.”This year alone, he has gone tofour Villanova weddings.”I had some great times hereand have taken [them] with me,”Clark said. “Just enjoy your time atVillanova while it lasts; it goes bytoo quickly.”As for future Bachelors of theYear, Clark has some advice.”Just take everything and rollwith it, making the best of everything,”Clark said. “You never knowwhere an opportunity will show up.”