Meet the ‘Chuck’ stars: Jessica Alba

Emily Triebwasser

By Emily Triebwasser

Entertainment Editor

You’ve never really done a goofy role before. How did you like this role?

Yes, it was nice to be able to finally do that because I sort of got typecast – not typecast, but – and people sort of limited how they saw me. But I did the MTV Movie Awards so I can kind of show people that I can have fun and that’s how Dane hired me for “Good Luck Chuck,” oddly.

There is a trend in romantic comedies recently where the spotlight is put on the guy instead of the girl. Any thoughts? Do you think that the girls can still hold their own against the boys?

Well, honey, I always think women can hold their own against the boys. And if you take notice, I’m only in maybe a-third of the film. And yes, I think it’s boring to watch a girl unlucky with love and she finds this rich guy who sweeps her off feet. I don’t want to see that either.

What was the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Well, two days ago I got rushed by one and my bodyguard put his hand in his face and squashed the face in his hand. (laughs)

What do you think about the title of sex symbol? Does it make you feel uncomfortable, or do you see it as a form of flattery?

It’s kind of both. It’s kind of a double-edged sword. I don’t look at myself that way. I didn’t grow up being the cutest girl on the block. When I used to cry and not ever get asked out on dates – the boys didn’t like me. Now like, oh, maybe you’re not so bad.

So it seems like none of the negative outside forces of Hollywood really get to you.

You know, at the end of the day you come into this world alone, you leave alone, and the only people that are really going to be around forever are your family and your friends that you choose to have as family. And everything else is just crap, right? I mean it’s fun, and it’s gratifying, and it’s great, but it only fulfills you to a certain point.

If you weren’t acting, what do you think you’d be doing?

Wow. When I was younger, I was really into biology and I loved stem-cell research, and DNA. But now I really like films that tackle social issues. So maybe a documentary filmmaker. I’m not sure.

What do you and your character have in common?

Definitely the clumsy and the not-cool part. I’m not cool at all and I’m super clumsy. Today at lunch I sat on a huge piece of cheese and it was hanging off my ass for a good 20 minutes. It was pretty embarrassing because it was a huge piece of f****** cheese.

Some critics say that your movies exploit your looks. How do you feel about that and are you looking to take more serious roles?

Oh, darling, I’m always willing to take more serious roles. There’s just not a whole lot out there that’s written well for women.

All the guys probably want to know, what’s the sexiest part of this movie?

Dane Cook’s ass.

What was the transition like from making TV shows to making movies?

A lot easier to make movies. I mean, I was working 86 hours a week and that was five days a week and on the weekends. So I had nobody, no friends, no nothing. In movies, you live in a bubble and then you go back to your normal life. So it’s easier to do movies.