‘Blades of Glory’ is the new ‘Anchorman’

Emily Triebwasser

Similar to his previous classics, Will Ferrell’s new film, “Blades of Glory,” is sure to have his fanbase quoting most (if not all) of the script. Instead of “You stay classy, San Diego” (“Anchorman”) or “We’re going streaking!” (“Old School”), fans will be repeating lines about a different subject – professional men’s figure skating.

In “Blades of Glory,” Chazz Michael Michaels (Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (“Napoleon Dynamite” alum Jon Heder) are rivals in the world of competitive figure skating. After one too many public fights on the ice, the two are banned from men’s competition. Desperate to get their dignity back, the two reluctantly band together and decide to compete as an unlikely pair in the doubles figure skating competition.

Coached by the legendary “Coach” (Craig T. Nelson), they learn to act like teammates and defeat the reigning champions (played by SNL star Amy Poehler and Will Arnett).

This film will have you laughing until it hurts. It contains all the ingredients of the usual “frat pack” movie formulas: a drunken Ferrell, a mostly naked Ferrell, allusions to hit songs – in this case it’s the Black Eyed Peas classic “My Humps” – unbelievably quotable dialogue and several celebrity cameos. Most of these cameos include famous figure skaters such as Nancy Kerrigan and Sasha Cohen, but college students will recognize their childhood TV mentor, Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World.”

The subtleties add to the movie’s humor. Simple aspects like noticing the beauty regime of Heder’s character, the skaters’ home décor (in particular, the stained glass windows) and the actions of the crazed figure skating fans are just as funny as the dialogue. However, the outfits are most worth mentioning. Besides the obvious “Fire and Ice” outfits donned by Ferrell and Heder, Heder’s flamboyant day-to-day outfits and the daily “costumes” worn by Poehler and Arnett are original and further prove the point that these actors are willing to do, or wear, anything to get a laugh. And they get several.

With its one-liners, celebrity cameos, stark physical comedy and flamboyant wardrobe, “Blades of Glory” is sure to join the long (and growing) list of Will Ferrell classics. See it now; everyone you know is most likely already quoting it.