Meet the ‘Love Guru’ stars

Emily Triebwasser

This summer marks a self-proclaimed milestone for one of the most recognizable comedic figures of our generation.

“I always have about eight ideas circling the airport at any time and then eventually every three-and-a-half years, one of these ideas lands,” Mike Myers explains his thought processes. “I love ideas. I feel very privileged to be a guy that can make movies. I don’t factory make these movies. They’re handmade.”

He famously gave life to Wayne (Wayne’s World) and Linda Richman (Coffee Talk) on “Saturday Night Live,” several characters in the “Austin Powers” franchise, and, more recently, Shrek, the lovable ogre who succeeds in getting the princess.

His latest creation is Pitka, the title character of his latest film, “The Love Guru.”

It seems as if a spiritual guidance counselor is from straight out of left field, but Myers insists that his inspiration is relevant.

“The idea for the film came from, strangely enough, when my father died in 1991 and I went on a spiritual quest. And I started to become very interested in a lot of philosophies.”

He stops and gathers his thoughts. “It was always my father’s philosophy that nothing is so bad that it can’t be laughed at. In fact when he got Alzheimer’s, he thought his own Alzheimer’s was hilarious. And it proved to me the theory in practice.”

This philosophy has certainly resonated throughout all of Myers’s characters.

In fact, he is so dedicated to creating the humor within them, that he stays in character all throughout filming.

“Well, I stay in character all day,” he says. “People work very, very hard during the day, and movie tickets are unbelievably expensive. I think that if you put down the money for the ticket plus popcorn plus diet Coke plus Goobers plus baby-sitter plus whatever. You’re going to hope that the dude that’s on the screen is at least 100 percent, 150 percent committed to what they’re doing.”

And he is. Any college student who can still quote – and fall into a fit of hysterics over – something Dr. Evil has said will believe Myers when he claims, “I like each of my movies to be a filmed party.”

“The Love Guru” has high expectations, and, as one of Myers’s creations, will most likely exceed them.

This film is especially promising because it features beautiful girl-next-door Jessica Alba.

Within the past year, she has covered everything from horror to comedy to action, but nothing compares to working with Mike Myers himself.

“With Mike, he’s a veteran so I obviously wanted to hold my own and keep up with him,” Alba says. “It’s much more intimidating with someone like Mike Myers, who has coined basically every phrase of my life. It was definitely a pinch-me-moment everyday on set.”

She wins the hearts of the audience members with her quirky, laid-back attitude and her much-improving comedic talent.

“Comedies are really challenging,” she says. “I think it’s the toughest job to tackle because when people go to see a comedy they expect to have a least one moment where they are holding their stomach’s hurting or tears down their face from laughing. If you don’t give them at least one moment of that in a comedy then it’s a stinker.”

Above all, “The Love Guru” has the potential to become the next “Austin Powers.”

Myers combines his first original character since the International Man of Mystery himself, a lovable female costar and even some familiar faces.

In fact, Verne Troyer (of Mini-Me fame) has a significant role in this film.

Check out “The Love Guru” when it hits theaters June 20.