Eclectic eatery Maia opens near campus

Erica Graham

By Erica Graham

Staff Reporter

As a junior who has survived on Pit pizza and the same flavored Holy Grounds lattes for three years now, I can safely say that my diet will soon be in dire need of a change.

Usually this means a phone call or quick walk down to Campus Corner, but since the summer opening of the new restaurant Maia, my stomach has been craving a newer and more eclectic dining experience.

If you are not feeling the hot wing and hoagie fare, then Maia provides a fresh variety of organic and locally grown ingredients.

Equipped with an espresso bar, Maia is a restaurant with a trendy European twist.

The menu has a cultural pluralism that includes entrees such as tarte flambée, duck confit, Norwegian salmon and the Alsatian-inspired Choucroute.

American and Spanish items such as Maryland crab and gazpacho also add to the culinary diversity of the cuisine.

These foreign and fancy dishes range from about $12-$30, so dinner for two would be a bit of a splurge.

For a less expensive experience, try going there for lunch at the downstairs bistro or grab some take-out from the market also located inside.

The espresso bar has a wide variety of specialty teas and coffee and offers an assortment of breads and pastries freshly baked in-house every day.

True to its European theme, Maia sells the popular Italian coffee brand, Illy, as well as many different types of German chocolate and Italian sparkling water, like Pellegrino.

With reasonable prices that match those of Holy Grounds, the coffee at Maia is definitely worth the short walk down Lancaster Avenue.

Keeping up with the newest health trends, Maia is vegetarian-friendly and has many vegan and gluten-free options to choose from.

For example, the ever-popular Elixir beverage, served at the coffee shop, is a nutritious and health-conscious blend of fresh fruit and tofu.

The interior is ultra-modern and has an industrial feel, with exposed air-ducts lining the ceilings and sleek stainless steel décor.

While Maia lacks the cozy and quiet ambience that is ideal for studying, its cool lighting and upbeat music provide an inviting atmosphere for students.

Its feel is similar to that of a chic Philadelphia café without the urban hassle.

Though its location may be too hidden (it’s tucked away between a karate school and the Staples parking lot), it is sure to attract Villanovans. Though fresh on the Main Line, Maia has already established itself as a local hot spot.