Ten fun things to do on Parents Weekend

Karen Damara, Lauren Piro

You and your parents don’t feel like sticking around on campus all weekend? Anxious to take advantage of the use of a car and go anywhere you want? Take the chance to explore Philly and the surrounding area! Check out some of these great things to do this weekend with your family:

Good eats in Philly

Philadelphia’s Restaurant Week doesn’t officially start until Sunday, but don’t let this unfortunate scheduling discourage you from treating your parents (or letting them treat you) to an off-campus meal. Take the train into Philly and splurge on a full-price dinner at one the city’s best restaurants. Sure to please is the Mexican spot with a modern twist, El Vez, combined with a short walk up to Capogiro for some authentic Italian gelato for dessert (both on South 13th Street in Center City). Philly Fringe

Philly Fringe is a two-week event in Philadelphia combining various attractions to highlight Philly’s cultural life.  The event wraps up this weekend with plenty of intriguing events.  Different dramatic and musical performances take place this Saturday.  “Stitch,” a dramatic program performed by Philadelphia’s School of Circus Arts, explores new circus techniques and acrobatics at 5900 Greene St., with an admission fee of $10. The performance is at 7:30 p.m. 

Get off campus

Prefer to relax and indulge closer to campus? How about some banana pancakes for breakfast at Nudy’s Café in Wayne? Steering away from the dining hall will offer you and your taste buds a satisfying change – we’re sure your parents will understand.

Hit the movies

Go see “Everybody Wants to Be Italian” for a good laugh. The plotline involves a man and woman who are both pretending to be of Italian heritage in order to boost their attractiveness. The film is ideal for everyone who finds Italian-American culture interesting. It’s now playing at the United Artists theater in King of Prussia.

Art Exhibit

“How Philly Moves,” a program taking place at 4522 Baltimore Ave. at 10 a.m.  The event will be hosted by JJ Tiziou Photography and invites visitors of all ages and experience to show off their dance moves for the camera in order to document the many facets of dance in the great city of Philadelphia.  Visit the AxD Gallery on South 10th Street to see “A Cabinet of Photographic Curiosities,” an adventure through the interesting world of photographic alchemy assembled by photographer RA Friedman.  The event is free and occurs at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Live entertainment

If live entertainment is what you and your family are in search of, the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival is the place to be. The festival features spectacular theatrical performances, comprised by celebrated dance and theatre companies. The gift of performance is showcased by a diverse group of artists, ranging from those who come from around the world. Tickets can be purchased online at phillyfunguide.com Enjoy some culture

Head over to Penn’s Landing-all events are free and take place on the Great Plaza. This Saturday the hot spot features the PEPCO multicultural series for Mexican Independence Day from 12-8 p.m. This festival will celebrate the ethnic heritage that makes Philly unique and will definitely have some great food to enjoy on the beautiful waterfront.

Ghost tours

Get an early start on celebrating Halloween and head into Philly to take a Haunted Trolly Tour or Ghost Tour! Learn the 20 best and real ghost stories, and visit the real haunted houses and discover the hidden secrets of Philadelphia, America’s most haunted city. Tours leave Thursdays through Sundays at 8 p.m. between Market and Chestnut. Visit www.ghosttour.com for reservations and details.

Duck Tours

We know you’ve been resisting the urge to be a tacky tourist, but give in and jump on one of those duck boats and you won’t regret it. Take your family into Philly for this 70-minute amphibious tour. We promise you’ll be entertained and if nothing else walk away with a free plastic duck beak. Tours depart frequently from 6th and Market Streets. Family fun

Have some younger siblings visiting? Take them to the Please Touch Museum in Philly and watch musicians, dancers and storytellers. Play in interactive exhibits such as, a kid-friendly supermarket and child-