International artists on display at ‘Nova



Katie Drew

The Villanova Art Gallery located in Connelly Center has several interesting exhibits planned for the upcoming year.

The latest exhibit, which opened the ’08-’09 season, is “Composites” by Ellen Slupe.

This exhibit will be on display in Connelly Center until Oct. 5. “Intimate Encounters” by Quentin Walters will follow.

The Art Gallery was introduced with the building of Connelly Center and has been showcasing the works of various artists for the past 30 years.

Many local artists, as well as various artists from around the world, have showcased their art in Connelly Center.

The gallery is currently home to an ongoing exhibit in the President’s Lounge called “Caribbean Artists Today.”

This exhibit was on display in various locations before finding a permanent home at Villanova. It showcases the works of modern Caribbean artists.

The Art Gallery has also displayed the works of artists from countries such as China and Russia, as well as several Villanova alumni. Rev. Richard G. Cannuli, O.S.A., the director of the gallery, as well as the curator of the Villanova art collection, will be showcasing his own work in March 2009.

This mixed-medium collection will be based on his experiences in Southern Italy and Sicily, as well as themes from Holy Week and Easter.

As most artists need a year or two to prepare a collection, a selection committee procures artists up to four years in advance.

These artists often are, or become later on, prominent members of the art community.

The art gallery’s purpose is mainly to engage the students and expose them to the arts. Openings are held before each exhibit, usually on Friday evenings.

“The openings are really for the artists to meet the students, more than anything else,” Cannuli said. The events also provide refreshments to attendees.

In addition to the gallery, Villanova has procured 6,000 pieces of art, which make up the Villanova art collection. Some of these pieces are on display around campus.

In the future, the University hopes to establish a Villanova art museum. This museum would provide a permanent and public home for the art that Villanova has attained over the years.

Villanova is constantly in its effort to provide its students with new and stimulating ways to experience the world of art.