10 Totally Random Questions For Bill Wiley

Walter Smith Randolph

1. What is one goal you have for your senior year?Remembering it.

2. What is the craziest thing you have recently done?An 11:45 p.m. impromptu road trip to Atlantic City, Parent’s Weekend style.

3. What is one thing that Santa never brought you for Christmas and you still want?A Power Wheels Jeep. I always wanted it. Never got it. Still bitter.

4. What kind of car will you be driving in 20 years?I won’t be driving … chauffeur style.5. What do you think about the election?What don’t I think about the election? I am probably one of the most opinionated people you will ever know, but I believe in the non-bias of the media, so I refrain from answering this question.

6. What will you be doing this time next year?My desired field [of finance] is rapidly collapsing. Possibly, consulting on matters of importance. I can’t speak of the details.

7. IK or Corner Grille?Italian hoagie from the Italian Kitchen with mozzarella sticks from the Corner Grille. Why they’re not in the same place? I don’t understand.

8. Regular or Double Stuf Oreos?Regular. A good cream-to-cookie ratio is paramount.

9. When you fold your arms, is it right over left or left over right?It’s always right over left. Wait, no! (Crosses arms) Left over right. When you tuck your dominant hand, it’s a sign of weakness.

10. What is your favorite parking space?Well, when I say I’m picking someone up from the St. Augustine Center, I park in the gravel lot behind Connelly.