10 Totally Random Questions for Lori Blake

Walter Smith-Randolph

1) What is your hometown?

I am from Harrisburg, Pa.

2) How long have you been at Villanova and what do you do here?

I have been working with Villanova since 2001 and for Villanova since 2004. I advise SPO, oversee the Challenge Course, do leadership programming, oversee all the students clubs and organizations and I also serve on a million and one committees.

3) Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana? Why?

Jonas Brothers. Because I’m a girl, and they’re boys.

4) If you could be any tree on campus, which one would you be?

I used to say the one by Tolentine, but now I would say the tree on Sheehan Beach because so much goes on out there, and it’s a nice setting.

5) What was your favorite summer movie?

I don’t think I saw any movies. That’s embarrasing. I lied, it was a Steve Carrell movie. “Get Smart.”

6) Sarah Palin or Joe Biden?

Oh man. Sarah Palin.

7) What is your favorite YouTube video?

I would have to say “Charlie the unicorn.” Without question. No hesitation. Can I put a second one? It’s called “VA drummer super Mario Brothers.”

8) Wendy’s removed the five piece chicken nuggets from the 99 cents menu; how do you feel about that?

That makes me angry! Unless they are replacing it for something with more chicken for 99 cents I’m angry. First they get rid of super size meals at McDonald’s, and now this!

9) What song did you sing in the shower this morning?

The only reason why I sang this song was because “Westside Story” was on and I watched it. So I sang “I Feel Pretty.”

10) What is one thing that your parents still don’t know about you?

Nothing I can put in a public newspaper! They don’t know how I dance. They have never witnessed the robot.