‘Gossip Girl’ returns

Clarissa Gabriel

The “Gossip Girl” gang is back for round two, commencing the East Coast drama with its Season 2 premiere.

When we last saw our favorite Upper East Siders, each was going down a very tumultuous and unexpected path.

Dan Humphrey, our favorite Brooklyn-residing hero, had just broken up with Serena van der Woodsen, our favorite upper-class damsel in distress, at her mother’s wedding because he felt that she was hiding behind too many interwoven secrets and not letting him in (or, at least, not in enough to rescue her).

Jenny Humphrey had reached both a high and low – landing herself a fashion internship with Eleanor Waldorf, while ending her only real friendship with Eric Van der Woodsen.

Nate Archibald was finally able to let go of his father with one solid blow (literally), allowing him to deal with his own financial issues and the ramifications for brainless decisions as he ran from the law.

Finally, after much hesitation, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass admitted to a legitimate, if not, symbiotic romantic relationship. After deciding to spend the summer in Europe together, at the last moment, Chuck decided to bail in favor of following his usual playboy antics.

So, where have our favorite rich kids been since we last saw them?

Dan has been in the city, interning for a novelist, although not necessarily taking his opportunity seriously, while at the same time transforming from a “lonely boy” into a total playboy.

He is first seen making out with one girl, watching her leave and then greeting another in a more-than-friends kiss.

Little Jenny has been continuing her own fashion internship under a relentless boss.

Serena, the newly single female, has been in the Hamptons and seen canoodling with Nate (or, at least, appearing to be doing so).

The “Gossip Girl” Web site has been reporting the Serena/Nate Watch 2008 all summer, rumoring that they were decidedly riding the line between “just friends” and “something more.”

Meanwhile, the drama heats up for Nate who is seen at one point jumping out of a window in his boxers to cover his strictly “benefits” relationship, minus the “friends” part with an unknown older woman, who evidently, will later be revealed to be a duchess. That’s not the only royalty seen in the premiere, however. The true drama envelopes our favorite queen bee, Blair, who is seen getting off the Jitney, fresh from Europe, with a new beau.

However this European boy, James, isn’t all that he seems. He unexpectedly exposes the fact that he’s actually a British duke, attempting to cover his royal name in a pursuit to find someone without the aid of his royal title.

But Blair’s flaunting of her new relationship wasn’t exactly 100 percent genuine, as it was a few good stabs at Chuck’s ego for ditching her three months prior. It is only when they both realize their feelings still run deep that the true drama of the season begins.

The second season proves to be just as extravagant, drama-filled and beautifully costumed as its predecessor.

But as “Gossip Girl” states, “The end of the summer is the beginning of a new season. So look to the future, because you ain’t seen nothing yet!”