Making the most out of summer styles for fall

Anna Fickenscher

This year’s fall fashions promise to be great, but much like the rest of you, I am not quite ready to put away all of my summer clothes that were worn for a mere three months. So I thought that I would take some of the best summer trends and demonstrate how you can squeeze a few more weeks of wear out of them.

Scarves were a hot fashion this summer, and this is one trend that is great for fall as well. Try spicing up a white T-shirt with a bold printed scarf. For those of us who are less daring, a solid color scarf is also a great addition to almost any look.

Another look from summer that translates well into fall is wearing bright hues. The key to making this look work for you is to have a bright color that is balanced with a neutral one, such as black or brown – trying to mix too many bright tones can be disastrous. A bright top with a black skirt and black tights looks polished and fashionable without screaming too much color. Bags and shoes also can add small pops of color to otherwise colorless outfits.

Another piece that works regardless of season is a great belt. It is clear from walking around campus that ‘Nova girls love to belt their dresses. Luckily for us all, belts are in yet again this season, so feel free to wear those belts with all of your voluminous dresses to give yourself a svelte figure. Just remember to find a width that works with your body type.

Remember those chilly nights this summer when you would layer your favorite long cardigan over a tank top with a great pair of shorts? Well, good news – that long cardigan can work just as well on those increasingly frequent chilly fall days as it did during those summer nights. Throw it on with your favorite pair of jeans and graphic T-shirt and you have a great look for class, walking around campus or just hanging out with friends.

It is always a painful day when those great summer sundresses have to be put away until next April, but there are a few tricks to getting a few more weeks out of them. Pair them with leggings or dark tights and a cute fall jacket or blazer (when it really starts to get cool) to make these dresses work for slightly warmer fall days. Try to avoid patterns or colors that are too summery and stick with dresses that have more fall hues in them – colors such as browns, oranges, reds and greens.

In addition to the brightly colored clothing that dominated summer and now fall, bright eyeliner is also a fall hit. This trend, however, should be worn with caution. Too bright a blue over the whole eye can make you look like you are on your way to an ’80s-themed party. The trick is proper application. Most of us are not professional make-up artists and should use blue and green eye shadows and eyeliners sparingly. Much like the bright clothing colors, these eye colors should be used to highlight and make your eyes pop. Whether you want to be daring and attempt a bright blue or go more subtle with a rich purple, this look can be amazing when done correctly.