10 Totally Random Questions For Katie McManus

Julia Cameron

1) What’s your favorite ‘Nova memory?One of my favorite ‘Nova memories is my freshman year Habitat trip to Sumter, S.C. It was a really great experience for me at the time, and I made a lot of my really good friends on that trip. I met three of my roommates that week!

2) What song is stuck in your head right now?”Just Dance” by Lady Gaga. It’s a total pump-up! It really makes me want to dance, which, for the sake of others, should always be avoided. But I am really into that song right now.

3)What is your favorite?”Home Alone.” I have to watch it like five times before I really feel like it’s Christmastime.

4) Skittles or M&Ms?I eat chocolate everyday, so I have to go with the M&Ms. Lately, I have really been enjoying the Peanut M&Ms. You get dairy and protein at the same time.

5) Which celebrities would you like to meet?I have always wanted to meet the Backstreet Boys. I was obsessed with them in middle school. I still play their songs pretty regularly on my iPod.

6) What is your dream job?Any type of job that I could help other people and make them feel good about themselves. Nothing is better than when you know you made someone’s day a little brighter.

7) In the past few months, have you been following the presidential election?I have been following what my roommates and “SNL” tell me. But really, I have been reading up on everything lately. I want my decision to be a good one!

8) What is your favorite thing about the fall?I love going pumpkin picking and [to] haunted houses. I get so scared at haunted houses, but they are still pretty fun.

9) If you could time travel to any time and place, where would you go and why?I would want to go see this time next year so I could figure out where I will be after graduation. Then I could actually answer the question, “What are you gonna do next year?”

10) Are you embarrassed by any TV shows you watch as a “guilty pleasure”?I love “I Love New York.” Last Halloween, my roommate and I briefly considered going as New York and Flavor Flav. We decided not to. Good decision.