CAT brings back happy fridays

Jeffrey Eisenberg

CAT’s Student Life Committee has brought back Happy Friday celebrations to campus. Every Friday afternoon, CAT members gather around the Oreo to help celebrate the beginning of the weekend.For several hours, members wish all passing students a “Happy Friday,” offering candy and other small treats.This weekly celebration at the Oreo is actually not new to Villanova. This year’s seniors saw Happy Friday activities on campus three years ago when they were freshmen.Then, it was run by Inter-Hall Council, according to senior Paul Martucci, director of promotions and public relations for CAT.This year, Martucci suggested that Happy Friday was a worthwhile effort to bring back to campus and brought the idea to the rest of the CAT executive board, and the idea met with approval.”People seemed to like the idea,” Martucci said. “From there, it was passed off to Kelsi Bendinelli.”Sophomore Bendinelli is director of CAT’s Student Life Committee. Her committee has taken charge of running Happy Friday activities and is working on expanding the weekly event.”Right now, we’re just trying to get people used to Happy Friday,” Martucci said. “The first time you see Happy Friday, you find it so bizarre, but after getting used to it, you begin to expect and enjoy it.”CAT is also taking into account the logistics and cost of the weekly event. According to Martucci, 4,000-5,000 pieces of candy are distributed each Friday.Martucci says that CAT hopes to expand Happy Friday activities.”Look out in the future for things not only candy-oriented,” Bendinelli said. “We have a lot of different ideas about how we can change it up.”Specifics will be surprises to students on future Friday afternoons, but Bendinelli and one of her committee members, Ryan DaPonte, hinted at events relating to the changing of seasons and special holidays, as well as different themed events.”We just want people to be happy and enjoy the beginning of the weekend,” DaPonte said.Bendinelli also said that CAT is looking into creating a symbol for Happy Friday to further integrate it into the Villanova community.”Once we start expanding it, we’re hoping this will be a huge hit,” Martucci said.Martucci said he also hopes Happy Fridays will be a win-win situation for those working on the event, students and the campus.”This is good for Villanova and good for CAT, and we want this to be a great Friday afternoon destination,” he said.