10 Totally Random Questions for… Vincent the Barber

Walter Smith-Randolph

1) How long have you been at Villanova and what is your title?Seven Years. I guess the barber … As far as the students go, I’m the barber.

2) Joe six pack or Joe the plumber?Joe six pack.

3) How did you become a barber?That’s a long story. I don’t think you have enough space for that answer. Do you have another question?

4) What is the best advice you can give someone?Don’t take anything too seriously. The next day is always the better day.

5) What is your favorite haircut/hairstyle?I would say buzz cut. It’s the best one for me to cut. But the funny one is the blowout.6) What is your least favorite thing about Villanova?Tough question. I like Villanova. Let me think … I wish they would bring back the Egg ‘Nova.

7) What is one thing your parents still don’t know about you?There was a big shed in my backyard full of magazines. I used to sell my dad’s Playboy magazines for a quarter.

8) What do you do when no one is in the shop?Depends on the day. I watch soap operas; it’s my guilty pleasure.

9) If you were a Villanova student, what would be your major?I would say it would probably be business.

10) What is your hidden talent?I have no idea … I guess juggling.