Buzzkill: The Hoops Mania “Concert”

Walter Smith-Randolph

If you were able to get a ticket for Hoops Mania, you probably stood in line just like I did and watched the chaos ensue. As a senior, I can remember when students filled The Pavilion for Hoops Mania for the first time ever. You know who our celebrity was? Dick Vitale via satilette. I’m not complaining that we didn’t have someone perform, but Hoops Mania has become a whole new beast. I was waiting in line outside of the Pavilion, when someone said, “I can’t wait for the concert!” Concert? What concert? I thought this was a pep rally for the Athletic Department. Oh wait, that is exactly what it is.

I guess last week’s column about fair-weather fans didn’t go over well because all people wanted to do was see who would show up. I understand that its exciting to see T-Pain lip sync all of the songs he co-wrote, but Hoops Mania is to get everyone excited for the upcoming basketball season.

Then you have the people who decided to drink as much as they possibly could, show up and exclaim, “You can’t go to Hoops Mania sober!” I just wanted to respond, “Are you serious right now?” Then the same people stumble around in front of Radnor Police and Public Safety and complain about how they’re ruining our fun. I understand that it’s college and that’s what “we’re supposed to do,” but let’s be a little bit smarter next time.

Let’s not forget the mob that occurred at 6:30 p.m. when the doors opened. Did anyone realize that you still had to wait in line to get inside?

The reasons why the event was ticketed was because of the angry mob of people who had to wait outside in the rain last year. Trying to knock down the doors of the Pavilion doesn’t help the matter and ruins the purpose of having a ticketed event.

I’m not exactly sure where the glow sticks came from, but I don’t think that they were supposed to end up on the floor. I’m sure that the people handing them out or the parents of the children that got hit with them, didn’t appreciate it. Maybe we can be a little bit more considerate of the time and effort that went into Hoops Mania.

Maybe next year we can value what Hoops Mania is really about-A pep rally for athletics, not a concert.